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May 1, 2014

Will not allow BJP to incite riots in Bengal: Trinamool Chairperson at Purulia

Will not allow BJP to incite riots in Bengal: Trinamool Chairperson at Purulia

Trinamool Chairperson today campaigned at Purulia in support of the party candidate Mriganko Mahato. During her speech she highlighted the development projects initiated by her Government for the district. She stressed on the fact that Jangalmahal now lives in peace. 

She said that the Government is taking steps to boost the tourism industry in Purulia. The Chairperson also criticised the political parties that were trying to incite religious and ethnic tension in Bengal. She said, as long as she is alive, there can be no riot in Bengal.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:

I know that these areas suffer from water crisis. I have already taken steps to solve the problem. We have allotted Rs 1200 crore to supply water to the residents of 20 blocks in Purulia and in Bankura. It will take some time. In the mean time, Government is taking all measures to ensure people of Purulia and Bankura are not deprived of water.

We are setting up Institutes to encourage lac cultivation in Purulia. We are setting up Kisan Bazars, ITIs, polytechnic colleges, Kisan Mandis in Purulia. 3 engineering colleges are coming up. We are setting up a medical college here. This district has been endowed with several natural wonders. Purulia is truly Rupashi Bangla as described by Jibananada Das. I have visited Ayodhya Hills. We are developing a tourism circuit in this district.

Raghunathpur is being developed as an industrial town. We have received investments worth Rs 26000 crore. Trinamool will be contesting in the assembly election in the adjoining state of Jharkhand. We contested in the Lok Sabha seats there. Jharkhand and Bengal should work together to utilize the natural resources.

We are upgrading the Deven Mahato Hospital to a multi super specialty hospital in Purulia. We have set up fair price discount shops. You can get medicines at 60% discount at these shops. We are also setting up 36 fair price diagnostic centres. We are distributing medicines for free to poor people at rural health centres.

We have started the Kanyashree project for encouraging girls to pursue education. We have also started the Nija Bhumi, Nija Griha scheme. No family will be landless or homeless in Bengal anymore. We have given land pattas to 2 lakh poor people in two and half years. Today Bengal is the No. 1 State in 100-Days Work Scheme. I ask the Zilla Parishads to do their work well. I have conducted 54 meetings at BDO level to ensure work is getting done.

Gujarat spent only Rs 500 crore for 100-Days Scheme. We spent Rs 5521 crore. Infant mortality rate, maternal mortality rate and school dropout rate in Gujarat is higher than Bengal.

Left Front has destroyed Bengal in 34 years. We are rebuilding the State. Earlier, people of Jangalmahal lived in fear because of violence. Now peace prevails here. It is all your credit. CPI(M)-Congress-BJP have formed a nexus. Some people want to disturb the peace in Jangalmahal. I have been visiting Jangalmahal throughout the year, not only before elections. I advise you, do not fall for traps.

We have included Al Chiki in our syllabus. We love and care for our tribal brothers and sisters. We have given recognition to Hindi, Urdu, Nepali, Al Chiki. We work for all. We have made reservations for minority community people.

CPI(M)-Congress-BJP are jobless in Bengal now. They rely on each other to cut our votes. Centre is taking away a major share of our revenue. If we had the money I could have generated more jobs. In spite of the financial crunch, we have recruited constables and civic police.

We have set up 88 fast-track courts, 26 women`s police station, 19 human rights courts. We have created more than 1 lakh ponds already, surpassing our 5-year target of 50000.

The Opposition only indulges in peddling lies. They cannot counter us politically; they use paid news and malicious campaigns against us. But we will not stoop to their level. Our actions speak for us.

I salute all my worker friends and their families on the occasion of International Labour Day.

Our poll issue to ensure the unity of Bengal. Our issue is to demand our right from the Centre. Our issue is political and economic stability. We want pro-people policies. We do not work without the Ma, Mati, Manush by our side.

We will not allow BJP to incite riots in Bengal. Indian Constitution is secular. People who instigate riots between different religions and ethnicity can never become PM. Every citizen of India deserves to stay together in peace. No one has the right to pack anyone off from India. We are Royal Bengal Tiger, not paper tiger. We will take action against divisive politics.

Had it not been for Trinamool, Left Front rule would never have ended. The Left Front has forgotten its ideology. They can never return to power.

Vote for the joraphool symbol on 7th May. Put an end to the malicious campaigns of BJP-Congress-CPI(M). Bengal will lead the way for Bengal in future. Your Didi will always be by your side. We will work for development. We will not allow anymore violence here.