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May 10, 2014

On the campaign trail with… Idrish Ali

On the campaign trail with… Idrish Ali

Idrish Ali is the Trinamool candidate for the Basirhat LokSabha constituency.

Janab Ali is a renowned law practitioner and associatedwith the Minority cell of the Trinamool Congress. He was also the Chairman ofAll India Minority Forum.

Arupratan Chakraborty of Trinamool web team joined Idrish Ali during his campaign trail on April 2, 2014.

2:30 PM: Kheriabari

Having spent the last two days in Hingalganj and campaigningin every Panchayat, Idrish da  is charged up for today`s roadshow. He isgreeted by people at several places as his entourage makes its way to the venue.Idrish da gets off at Aminpur andmingles with the crowd. He again gets off his car at Deganga Bazar and greetspeople.

Idrish da at a campaign meeting

3:30 PM: BasirhatTown Hall

The Town Hall is packed to its capacity with hundreds ofpeople standing outside. The workers` meeting organized by Trinamool Yuva has ahuge participation of women. The local party leader Mr Narayan Biswas urges allworkers to connect with people and spread awareness about the developmentinitiatives taken by the Trinamool Government. During the meeting, an electedCongress Panchayat Samiti leader from Hasnabad joined Trinamool Congress witharound fifty supporters.

Idrish da addressing party workers at a campaign meeting

Idrish da, in hisbrief speech, urges all party activists to connect with people by visiting theirhomes. He asks everybody to deliver the booklet on the achievements of the WestBengal Government in the last 1000 days to every household. He urges everyoneto work united and keep their personal animosity aside. He reiterates that IdrishAli, as an individual is insubstantial and every vote would be in favour of Ms.Mamata Banerjee.

A packed auditorium at Basirhat

4:15 PM: CollegeMaidan, Basirhat

Minister for Food & Supplies, Jyotipriya Mullick joins Idrishda. There is a sea of humanity at the venue of the meeting. Never before hadBasirhat town seen such a huge turnout for a roadshow. The procession startswith Idrish da riding a hoodlessjeep. The 8 km long road show starts and moves along the Itinda Road. 

Idrish da and Jyotipriya Mullick at a roadshow

As theprocession moves along, Bowbazar, Jamrultala, Kachchari and Purono bazar, morepeople join the procession. The colourful rally has people on `Rano-pa` and a person dressed as Chota Bheem flaunting the party flag.People on both sides of the road wave at the candidate. Slogans are chanted bythe young and the old, men and women. The roadshow ends at Chowmatha, nearBasirhat Jail.

Colourful tableaus at the roadshow

6:30 PM: On the banksof Ichamati River, Chowmatha, Basirhat

The core campaign team meets for a huddle at the partyoffice. The day`s activities are assessed by the leadership. There is of coursea jovial mood. Nobody had anticipated such a huge turnout. However theleadership warns the party workers against becoming too over-confident. Thestrategy for campaigning for the upcoming days are also discussed.

Supporters cheering for Idrish Ali

8:30 PM: Allama RahulAmin Foundation, Jamrultla, Basirhat

Idrish da, alongwith his companions, pays a visit to the famous Dargah and seek divineblessings. On the way, he meets several well wishers.

9:30 PM: TowardsMalancha, via Taki Road

More street side meetings are held on the way toBasirhat-Malancha Road. People stop Idrish da`scar and offer him fruits and tea.

Idrish da at a campaign meeting

11:30 PM: Towards Ghatakpukur,via Bhangar

It is finally time to call it a day. Idrish da does not look much tired though. Heis busy on calls throughout the journey. Another strenuous day awaits him tomorrow.

Enthusiastic supporters walking in support of Idrish Ali