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May 4, 2014

Why shouldn’t people, who make hate speeches and incite violence, be arrested?: Didi at Krishnanagar

Why shouldn’t people, who make hate speeches and incite violence, be arrested?: Didi at Krishnanagar

Trinamool Chairperson today addressed arally at Krishnanagar in support of the party candidate Tapas Pal. She slammedthe BJP for their divisive politics. She demanded to know why shouldn`t theperson who practices communal politics and makes hate speeches, which led tothe death of innocents in Assam, be arrested? She said she will extend all helpto the refugees from Assam.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:

BJP stands for commuanl ideology. They wantto divide Bengalis and non Bengalis, Hindus and Muslims. If people speak inBangla, they are branded as Bangladeshi immigrants. BJP is ignorant of the history and geography of Bengal. If even oneperson in Bengal – be it Hindu or Muslim, male or female – is touched, we willtake action. UP, BIhar, Odisha, Jharkhand – people from all States arewelcome to stay in Bengal. They are all citzens of Bengal. Who is he to packoff people from Bengal? His arrogance is showing.

Has the Congress and CPI(M) protestedagainst the threats to throw Bengalis out of India? CPI(M) has sold itself tothe BJP. Riots will not be allowed in Bengal. There is a UN convention that allows States to give shelter to therefugees from neighbouring States. There is widespread violence in Assam. Theywant to divide Bengal for votes. They should feel ashamed of themselves.

We love Gujaratis. We do not support theman whose hands are stained with the blood of riots. From head to toe, he is stained with blood of innocent people. IndianConstitution is secular. A man with a history of riots can never be the PM.Our political career is full of struggle. Their political career is full ofriots. Some media houses are inciting violence in Bengal. They have soldthemselves to the BJP.

When the British tried to divide Bengal,Rabindranath started rakhee festivalto unite Hindus and Muslims. They threaten to send away the refugees who cameto India in 1971. Refugees from EastBengal stay in India as per Nehru-Liyaqat and Indira-Mujib treaties. People ofall faith, caste, creed live peacefully in Bengal. We have raised theslogan: Hare Krishna Hare Hare, TrinamoolCongress Ghore, Ghore. Why shouldn`t the person who practices communalpolitics and makes hate speeches, which led to the death of innocents in Assam,be arrested?

Instead of countering us on political anddevelopment issues, they are indulging in malicious campaigns. Infant mortalityrate in Bengal is lower than Gujarat. Growthin revenue earning in Gujarat is 15%. Ours is 31%. We have spent Rs 5500 crorefor 100-Days Work Scheme. They spent only Rs 500 crore. Bengal has startedfair price medicine shops, not Gujarat. They are national models now. Peace hasreturned to Jangalmahal. It is also a national model. Nadia district isperforming well in the implementation of projects.

Ihave conducted 54 administrative meetings at block level. The Secretariat comesto the people in districts now. People do not have to travel to Kolkata. Growth in bank lending in MSME sector was 50% in Gujarat while itwas 106% in Bengal. We have set up fast-track courts in Bengal. Prompt actionis taken for crimes against women.

The Opposition keeps cribbing aboutSaradha. Who was in power in Bengal whenchit funds were set up in 1980s? Saradha was set up in Bengal in 2006. Who wasthe CM back then? They raise the issue of Saradha only during elections. Thepower to deal with chit funds lies with the Centre not the State Govt. Weprepared a Bill to counter chit funds, and they are sitting on it for monthsnow. We have formed a Judicial Commission, arrested the owner of Saradha fromKashmir. The CPI(M) received a lot of money from Saradha in the form of ads. Chorer mayer boro gola.

Some people are demanding CBI probe inSaradha issue. Is CBI God? What actionhave they taken in Chhota Angariya and Netai massacres? CBI has failed todeliver justice to the victims of Nandigram carnage. CBI also failed toretrieve the lost Nobel medallion of Rabindranath. It is a matter of shame.

CPM is indulging in malicious campaigns.Congress stands for corruption. BJP is full of hateful divisive ideology. For afew votes these people want to incite violence and pit one community againstanother. If they stoke fire in Bengal, we will not sit silently. Law will takeits own course. Whether we get votes ornot, I will never allow Bengal to be divided. Those who want to divide peopleare cowards. The CPI(M)-Congress-BJP want to play got-up matches. I willbuild Trinamool Congress as a national party so that Congress and BJP can nolonger take people for a ride. Bengal will lead the future of India.

Politics stands for sacrifice, progress, andstruggle. Politics does not stand for violence, bloodshed and riots. We havenot forgotten the atrocities committed on people during Left Front rule. We raised the slogan bodla noy bodol chai (change not revenge) in 2011. Politicalviolence has come down in Bengal. In the last 3 years I have visitedJangalamhal 35 times, Darjeeling 40 times.

Under Left Front rule, more than 3 croremandays were lost in Bengal. The number has come down to 0. We have distributedcycles to 2.5 lakh girls. We have distributed 28 lakh Kisan credit cards tofarmers. We have started Kanyashreescheme to encourage girls to pursue education. UNICEF wants to be our partner in implementing Kanyashree scheme. We have started Yuvashree scheme. One lakh youth can register their names inthe Employment Bank. We have recruited one lakh civic police personnel. We arecarrying out all these initiatives despite the financial crunch. Had the Centrenot taken away our money, we could have generated 20 lakh more jobs.

Nazrul Islam did not get his due creditunder the Left regime. We have formed a Nazrul Academy. We have named Andalairport after him. We respect Bengal`sculture. We salute the pluralistic heritage of the State. We have started Banga Bibhushan awards to honour theicons of Bengal.

The Left set up only 1 university in 34years. We have set up 8 new universities in two and half years. The Left set up3 Government colleges in 34 years. We have set up 31 colleges in two and halfyears. We have introduced Right toPublic Services Act. People get Government services in a time bound manner now.We are setting up 34 multi super speciality hospitals in Bengal. The Left setup only 6 SNCUs in 34 years. In two and half years we have set up 256 SNCUs. TheLeft distributed only 12000 land pattasin 2009-10. We have distributed 2 lakh land pattasin two and half years.

Aslong as I am alive, I will work for the Ma,Mati, Manush of Bengal. The paper tigers should know that people of Bengalare like Royal Bengal Tiger. Ensure that the BJPloses its deposit and never dares to divide the people of Bengal. We promise towork for the people, continue the surge of development.

We always talk of communal harmony. Wenever discriminate between people. People of Bengal do not want riots. Theyouth of Bengal want peace and progress.