12 Challenging Years

We, the people of Bengal, stand on the verge of a momentous hour. We have a choice to make. Shall we continue to serve the whims and fancies of a few corrupt, indolent and self aggrandising, petty and mean-minded people? Or shall we listen to the call of the future and collaborate in the great work that is our true destiny? Shall we remain couched in our own little shells, thinking ‘let the world be as it is, I don’t care as long as it does not affect me’? Or shall we rise to the occasion and fight for what is rightfully ours. We have to make a choice, a conscious and deliberate choice, and discriminate the right from the wrong; truth from falsehood.

There is a road that will appear easy, and one difficult and laborious. While the former may take care of the petty wants and little desires of the present, it will eventually lead to destruction and ruin. While the other, the more difficult and more tortuous may seem to be much for our puny strength, but with the grace of the Divine Mother who is ever present in our hearts and who presides over

all our difficulties, we will surely reach the shores. But to achieve the unthinkable, we must be ready to sacrifice. There are those who have already made the choice, consciously or unconsciously, and offered themselves in the battlefield so that we can give shape to the greater work. Let us salute them from our hearts and prepare ourselves, so that we can become worthy children of our Motherland.