TMYC Philosophy

Youth is the spring of life. It is the age of dreams, discovery and achievement!

Our nation’s youth is the driving force for tomorrow. We all have certain responsibilities which we must acknowledge and start practicing. Let’s recall 1947 – the last time we decided to ‘do or die’. As a result, we shook off the shackles from the British rule and gained independence which changed the world map. Today, the eyes of the universe are on us again. We are considered the largest democracy in the world (on one side) and a nation where a majority of the population below 35 elects a majority of people above 60 to power. Strange, but true.

Should it not bother or disappoint us that at an age where people generally take retirement and rest, our politicians actually become eligible to be at the helm of affairs. This must stop. A state or a country cannot think of creating tomorrow with yesterday’s ideas. We need young people who personify energy, enthusiasm, integrity, conviction and diligence.

Today, young people and students are advised by their parents to refrain from joining the current political system. But do we ever consider how to change the political scenario? How to make it clean? Who will take the responsibility? The youth can do so, if they are given the opportunity and the guidance. Instead of blaming the political system and the bureaucracy, we must come together and mould the nation for a better tomorrow. At this age, we all are strong, defiant and passionate. Let us choose our respective roles, get up and act appropriately. After all, “You are young only once. And if you work it right, then once is enough!”

Ignite the passion! Together, we can and together we will!

Abhishek Banerjee Abhishek Banerjee
(National President)

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