About the Party

Mamata Banerjee had carried out numerous movements in the interest of the people over a period of time, but simultaneously she was realising that to take her movement ahead, she needed a separate platform to raise her voice against the barbaric rule of the CPI(M). Being with the Congress party was becoming a hindrance. It was this idea and need which gave birth to the Trinamool Congress on January 1, 1998.

mamta banerjee

The time she chose was the end of the 11th Lok Sabha and the beginning of the 12th Lok Sabha. As a politician of much experience and stature, she understood that it was the right time to launch the party and feel the pulse of the electorate, as people were in admiration of her having seen her work.

Trinamool Congress was established on January 1, 1998. “A silent revolution is taking place in West Bengal. The people are on the verge of writing

history… A new epoch will start”, said Chairperson Mamata Banerjee. On the day of the inception of Trinamool Congress, Mamata Banerjee sketched the logo of the party which signifies ‘grass root’ (two saplings on the grass). She thought if the Election Commission approves the logo then she will achieve two goals: one, the launch of her party and two, of simultaneously taking the philosophy of the party and explaining to the people her deep


thought behind the logo, which was the message of secularism, “Ek e brinte duti kusum, Hindu Musalman, ekjon tar noyonmoni onno ti tar pran” (two buds on the tree, Hindu and Muslim. If one of them is the eye, then the other is life). The Election Commission did approve the logo but had also issued a stricture which read if the Trinamool Congress failed to get six-percentage of votes in the 12th Lok Sabha elections, then the pre-symbol will be cancelled. Trinamool Congress well passed the cut-off percentage and the party was born.

This was a challenge for any political party as it was not easy to go to people with a new party and ask for their valuable vote. On that day, Mamata Banerjee made a conviction and went to people and said that if they elect her party in the elections, she will stand beside the people till her last breath. The people of this state did keep her trust and faith. That day the people of Kolkata(S) elected her and sent her to Parliament. Since that very day, the people of Kolkata(S) have always stood beside Mamata Banerjee and she too kept her promise and stood beside the people in all situations.

Mamata Banerjee’s struggle phase is unending and has faced strong opposition from her rivals, but nothing has deterred her during these 14 long years from her conviction of standing beside the people. During these long years, people have seen her struggle with CPI(M) and even being manhandled, but never has she run away from the field showing her back.