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May 5, 2014

Trinamool accuses Modi of Model Code violation, demands his arrest: PTI

Trinamool accuses Modi of Model Code violation, demands his arrest: PTI

Trinamool Congress wrote to ElectionCommission seeking action against Narendra Modi alleging that he has violatedthe model code by `seeking vote in the name of religion` and party chief MamataBanerjee renewed her demand for his arrest.

“Trinamool has written today to theElection Commission asking for action against Modi for seeking votes in thename of religion, spreading communal disharmony and breaking the model code ofconduct,” said AITC National Spokesperson Derek O`Brien.

Trinamool, he said, has obtained footage ofModi`s rally at Faizabad in Uttar Pradesh where his portrait in the backdrophad visuals of a place of worship.

Addressing an election meeting at Bongaonin North 24 Paraganas district bordering Bangladesh during the day, Banerjeesaid “the person who is talking about racial riots, he has no right to becomethe prime minister. This is a violation of the model code of conduct. Insteadhe should be sent to jail with ropes tied to his waist. He should be arrested.”

Banerjee, who did not name Modi, told therally “(He) has become a gas balloon. Punch it, the gas will come out and the balloonwill get squeezed.”

Banerjee, who had accused Modi of inflamingthe situation in Assam`s BTAD areas where recent violence has claimed 34 lives,blamed him of trying to divide Bengalis and non-Bengali in Bengal.

She did not refer to his illegalBangladeshi immigrants remark but said “touch them and then you will see. Wewill fight every inch”.

“(He is) Insulting the people of Bengal,”Banerjee said. On an earlier occasion she had claimed that Modi did not knowhistory.

“He does not know that speaking in Bangladoes not make one a Bangladeshi. Modi wants to divide Bengalis andnon-Bengalis. Anyone who speaks in Bangla across India is branded aBangladeshi. This is discrimination,” she had said.