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May 5, 2014

Those who want to throw Bengalis out of India will get a fitting reply in ballots: Didi at Bangaon

Those who want to throw Bengalis out of India will get a fitting reply in ballots: Didi at Bangaon

Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee today addressed a rally at Bongaon in support of the party candidate Kapil Krishna Thakur. Speaking at the rally she criticised Narendra Modi for trying to divide Bengalis and non Bengalis and threatening to send Bengalis out of India after May 16. She said that not one Bengali will be touched, she was the protector of the people.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:

Bongaon constituency has seen a wave ofdevelopment since the time I was the Railway Minister. Not only was theIndo-Bangladesh Train Service started, business hubs have been built and manyother projects have also been initiated here.

At this juncture, while campaigning for ourcandidates, we can clearly see that CPI(M) has sold its ideology to the BJP andthe Congress. You must ensure that CPI(M)-BJP-Congress lose theirdeposits.  Some people want to divideBengalis and non-Bengalis. They want to send Bengalis away from India. Peoplewho are living in India since 1971 are the rightful citizens of India. They arenot refugees.

Bengal has been insulted. Bengalis and nonBengalis have been insulted. Hindus and Muslims have been insulted. Innocentsare being killed in Assam mercilessly. Those who are committing such crimes arenot human beings. I am your protector. I will ensure you can sleep in peace atnight. Not one person in Bengal will be touched.

We are not dependent on those who playdivisive politics for our livelihood. We will not allow them to divide Bengal.Some media houses have become dalalsof Modi. Did CPI(M) and Congress condemn Modi for his comments against Bengal?Did any media house condemn him? Confidence is good. Over-confidence is not. They should remember that.

CPI(M), BJP and Congress have formed anexus. They have an understanding to divide votes. People have not forgottenthe atrocities committed by the Left for 35 years. They incurred huge debts.They ruined the future of the youth of Bengal. They give gyan only on TV studios. What have they done for the people? TheCentre is taking away all our money. Why is everyone so jealous of Bengal?

Modi`s hands are stained with blood ofinnocents. No one is a refugee in Bengal. Everyone is a rightful citizen ofIndia. Comrade dangabaj must rememberthat. Comrade Modi does not know the history of India and Bengal. He does notknow the story of 1971. There is nothing called PM candidate. PM is selected byMPs after election.

Bengal secured the No. 1 rank among Statesin the 100-Days Work Scheme. They know that if we have a strong voice in Delhi,they cannot do whatever they want. That is why they want to stop us. The morethe Opposition maligns us, the stronger will be the support of people for us.

Saradha was founded when Buddha babu wasCM. Chit funds were founded when Jyoti babu was CM. These were created byCPI(M), now they are trying to hide their wrongdoings. The CPI(M) mouthpiecestill takes money from chit funds as advertisements. Even prominent mediahouses in Bengal took advertisement from chit funds; now they are makingallegations against us.

Those who are talking about sending backthe refugees will get a fitting reply through ballot. We will not let anyonetouch you, we are always beside you. Good will prevail over the evil, do notworry.

Vote for joraphool, vote for Kapil Krishna Thakur.