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May 1, 2014

BJP is sowing seeds of discord in Bengal: Trinamool Chairperson at Kultali

BJP is sowing seeds of discord in Bengal: Trinamool Chairperson at Kultali

Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee addressed two campaign rallies in support of the party candidate for Joynagar constituency Pratima Mandal. The first meeting was held at Jamtala in Kultali and the second was held at the Canning Stadium Maidan.

At the rally in Kultali, the Trinamool Chairperson said that the prime ministerial candidate of the BJP is trying to create a division between Hindus and Muslims in Bengal and the people will act against it. She asked people to vote decisively against the BJP for planting the seeds of discord in Bengal.

Ms. Banerjee said that Modi has his hands stained with the bloods of the Gujarat riots. She said that while the CPI(M) is the cloud of spreading misinformation, BJP is the storm of conspiracy. The Congress and the CBI are brothers, she said, pointing out that the CBI could not nab any culprits in the Left era while the CID had recently nabbed five accused in the Netai carnage. She said the Left parties used money allotted for development of villages to pile up arms and weapons. She urged the people to vote without fear as the Left regime has finally ended and she was there to protect them.

At Canning Ms. Banerjee said that CPI(M) only laid foundation stones in that area while the in the last two and half years, the Trinamool Government has produced results. The stadium is a testimony of the Government`s works, she added.

She said that a leader is playing cards of divisive politics and is trying to drive away people from Bengal by calling them Bangladeshi refugees. This is not acceptable in a secular country, she said. Those who play such dirty politics should not be the Prime minister, she added.

She said the CPI(M) has formed an understanding with the BJP and the Congress to gain from the division of votes. She urged the people to make sure all these parties lose the polls.

She also said that the Trinamool Congress had supported SUCI in the last Lok Sabha Elections but after winning, the MP now has contacts with CPI(M). This time, the Trinamool Congress has fielded its own candidate and the people can vote for her, she said.

The Trinamool Chairperson urged the people to stand up against the coalition of BJP-Congress-CPI(M). She said that she may be alone but the people`s support is with her and they will ensure she has enough strength in Delhi.