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May 6, 2014

On the campaign trail with… Dinesh Trivedi

On the campaign trail with… Dinesh Trivedi

Mr Dinesh Trivedi is a seasoned politician and has been the Member of Parliament several times in the past. He was elected as an MP from Barrackpore in 2009 and is seeking reelection. 

This constituency is spread across the Assembly segments of Amdanga, Bijpur, Naihati, Bhatpara, Jagatdal, Noapara and Barrackpore. Mr Trivedi had made it a point to visit each and every by-lane and connect with his voters for the past one and half month. 

Arupratan Chakraborty from Trinamool Web team had the opportunity to be with Dinesh da on his campaign trail on May 3.

Poster of Dinesh Trivedi at Barrackpore

8:00 AM: BT Road near Chiriya More, Ward No. 22

Dinesh da campaigning in Ward No. 22 of Barrackpore Municipality

Dressed in white kurta-pajama, Dinesh Trivedi starts his padayatra in Ward No 22 of the Barrackpore Municipality. The padayatra saw enthusiastic support of the people and covered BT Road, S N Banerjee Road and entered Mondalpara.  At Sasthitala and Ganjagali, Dinesh da stopped to talk to the people who wanted to thank him for always being there for the people.

9:00 AM: Near Barrackpore Station, Ward No.23

Dinesh da speaks with students during campaign

Dinesh da visited areas like Shantibagan, Indira Nagar Colony, N N Bagchi Road, Sarkarbazar Colony, Ghoshpara Road and West Barasat Road. The Bengali and the non Bengali residents were delighted to see Dinesh da.

9:45 AM: Sukanta Sadan, Chiriya More

Dinesh da at the Barrackpore Fish Market near the Railway Station

The padayatra ended at Sukanta Sadan near Chiriya More. Dinesh da takes a break and then holds strategy meetings with his core team at the party`s election campaign office in Naihati. The next programme for the evening is a 6 km long padayatra, to be held from Lalkuthi.

Ambulance donated by Dinesh da from MPLAD Fund

5:30 PM: Lalkuthi More area, Barrackpore, Ward No. 24

A band accompanied Dinesh da during the evening padayatra

The evening campaign was a colourful affair. Led by Milan Band that played many patriotic songs, the padayatra crisscrossed several lanes and by-lanes of Sankhamony Colony, Nirala Para, Bhattacharjee para and other places. 

Dinesh da pays a visit to the temple during campaigning

Dinesh da, a man of great stamina never looked tired in the sweltering humidity and heat. He connected with one and all, shaking hands with the school children, bowing down to the elderly and even paid a visit to a local temple.

Flowers being showered on Dinesh da by locals

There was surprise in store at Ghushipara. As Dinesh da entered the narrow by-lane, women from the adjoining houses showered him with flower petals. This was like homecoming for him.

Dinesh da connects with young and old during the padayatra

The 6 km long padayatra finally ended at Ghoshpara Road, off-Lalkuthi. The atmosphere was more festive than political, with immense support and blessings from all.

Dinesh da waves at the local residents on Ghoshpara Road, Barrackpore