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May 9, 2014

Unlike the Left, Trinamool does not need to rig polls to win: Didi at Tala Park

Unlike the Left, Trinamool does not need to rig polls to win: Didi at Tala Park

Trinamool Chairperson today addressed arally at Tala Park in North Kolkata in support of the party candidate SudipBandyopadhyay. Speaking at the rally, the Chairperson said that unlike theCPI(M), Trinamool does not need to rig polls to win. People`s support is withthe party.

Excerptsfrom the Chairperson`s speech:

We have not forgotten the atrocitiescommitted by the Left during their 34 year rule. Today peace prevails inKeshpur, Garbeta, Jangalmahal and Darjeeling. Trinamool does not need to rigpolls. During Left rule, polls were rigged in North Kolkata. I request all myparty workers not to fall into the traps laid by the Opposition.

We love people of all caste, creed andreligion. We have given second language status to Nepali, Hindi, Urdu, Gurmukhiand Al Chiki. The Left deprived ageneration from learning English because of their faulty policies. The Lefteven removed Rabindranath Tagore`s Sahaj Pathfrom the curriculum.

Let there be a political debate. Let theOpposition counter us on policies. Instead the Opposition is engaging inmalicious propaganda. The Left incurred debts and the Centre took away all ourmoney. But did any Opposition party protest? Some people are talking aboutthrowing Bengalis out of India. They do not even know the difference betweenrefugee and infiltrator.

The three parties – CPI(M), Congress andBJP – have formed a nexus. The CPI(M) does not work for the people on theground. All they can do is sit in TV studios and criticise us. The Oppositionis jealous and hence they are indulging in malicious attacks against us.

BJP has declared a PM candidate. They havefixed the date of marriage of a baby even before it is born. The BJP iscollecting funds in the name of PM. This is illegal and unconstitutional. Somepeople are using money power to become the PM, then even Dawood Ibrahim is alsoeligible for the PM`s post.

Despite the financial crunch, we are No. 1in 100-Days Work Scheme. There was only 1 university during Left regime. In twoand half years we have set up 8 new ones. Only 3 new colleges were set upduring Left regime. We have set up 45 Govt and private colleges. Our fair pricemedicine shops and diagnostic centres are a model. We have distributedscholarships to 57 lakh minority students. We have distributed cycles to 2.5lakh girl students.

Bengal is ahead of Gujarat in terms of bankcredit flow in MSME. Our growth is 160%, their growth is 50%. Bengal spent Rs5500 crore for job creation in 100-Days Work Scheme. Gujarat spent only Rs 500crore. Bengal is ahead of Gujarat in welfare of the people. True development isthrough serving the people.

If I was in power at Centre instead of theCongress, I would have arrested him for threatening to send people away fromIndia. This is our motherland. This soil is pure. We will not tolerate anyinsult to the soil of Bengal. Those who threaten to send people away fromIndia, will be packed off from Bengal through ballots.

Vote for joraphool on May 12. We will build a new India, a better India. Wewill establish Trinamool as a national party. Vote for joraphool and teach alesson to CPI(M), Congress and BJP through ballots. We have formed an alliancewith the Ma, Mati, Manush. Bless us with your votes.