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May 9, 2014

1000 days at a glance: Achievements of the Information and Culture department

1000 days at a glance: Achievements of the Information and Culture department

The department of Information and Culturehas had a remarkable list of achievements in the last three years. For thefirst-time ever in this state, eminent personalities were honoured with Bangabibhusan, Bangabhusan, Mahanayak Samman,Sangeet Mahasamman, Sangeet-Samman, Shilpi Mahasamman, Shilpi Samman andother awards. 

At the initiative of this government, Kolkata International FilmFestival has been extended to a greater reach. For the first-time ever,Children`s Film Festival has been organised at the state level.

Here are some of the achievements of thedepartment in the last 1000 days:

Constitutionof Tele Akademi: For the first time ever in thisstate, Tele Akademi has been constituted with a view to developing TelevisionIndustry and 90 eminent personalities have been awarded Tele Samman award. Inorder to protect cinema industry, the Audio-Video Piracy Act has been come intoforce for the first time ever in this state. Construction of Tele Akademibuilding has been started.

Formationof Academies: In order to preserve and extend thelanguages and culture of various ethnic groups, Rajbanshi Bhasa Akademi andBirsa Munda Akademi have been formed. The Hindi Academy has been reconstructed.Paschimbanga Kazi Nazrul Islam Akademi has also been formed.

Revitalisationof folk art: In order to revitalisation of the folkarts of Bengal, identity cards were issued to the folk artists` arrangements oftheir livelihood were made and financial assistance to the destitute folkartist was given. Till date more than thousand folk artists have beenbenefited.

Renovationand Construction: Work for a thorough renovation ofheritage sites including Minerva Theatre, Mahajati Sadan, University InstituteHall, Rathindra Mancha, Rabindra-Okakura Bhaban, State Music Academy etc. isgoing on. Besides these, work for renovation of 32 Rabindra Bhabans, has beentaken up. Reconstruction of Nazral Mancha has also been done.

ComprehensiveFilm-City: For the first-time in the state, stepshave been taken to construct two comprehensive Film-Cities with one at Dabgramin Jalpaiguri and the other at Baruipur in South 24 Parganas.

Digitizationof manuscripts and other creations: Digitization ofmanuscripts and letters of eminent authors of Bengal has been complete. Workfor digitization of music, cinema, paintings etc. is on.

HealthInsurance: Arrangements have been made for bringing10,000 artistes and technicians associated with cinema and television and themembers of their families under the Health Insurance cover. Initiatives havebeen taken to give monthly pension to cultural personalities. So far, more than150 personalities have availed of this pension.

CulturalHub: Work for building up a comprehensive culturalhub taking Rabindra Sadan-Nandan- Bangla Academy precincts into one has beenstarted.

For the complete list of achievements, click here.