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May 4, 2014

If even one person is touched in Bengal, we will protest in Delhi: Didi at Ranaghat

If even one person is touched in Bengal, we will protest in Delhi: Didi at Ranaghat

Trinamool Chairperson today addressed arally at Ranaghat in support of the party candidate Tapas Mandal. She slammedthe BJP for their divisive politics. Didi also slammed the Congress for theirsilence on the massacre of Bengali speaking people in Assam. She said she willextend all help to the refugees from Assam.

Excerptsfrom the Chairperson`s speech:

When Trinamool was formed in 1998, 7 MPswere elected from Bengal. Ranaghat was one of them. You are like our mother. Severalpolitical parties are only using malicious campaigns against us. They cannotcounter us politically. Some parties want to divide Bengalis and non Bengalis.They want to divide Hindus and Muslims.

CPI(M) has won one election after anotherby rigging the polls. We have struggled a lot against the atrocities of theLeft. CPI(M) is now joined by Congress and BJP. They have formed a nexusagainst us. The CPI(M) is spreading lies. They are saying women are not safe inBengal. This is completely baseless. BJP and Congress speak in the same voiceas the CPI(M). Even some media houses have joined them.

Some media houses have become the HisMaster`s Voice of the BJP. BJP leaders have suddenly started visiting Bengaljust before the elections. BJP is being hyped by the media. This is like a hotair balloon. Comrade Modiji says he will throw all Bengalis from India. Hethinks he has already become the PM. Announcing a PM candidate is like fixingthe date of marriage of a baby even before it is born.

They do not know the history of Bengal.That is why they want to throw Bengalis out of India. Bengalis came to Indiafrom Bangladesh in 1971. This is legal. We will not allow them to touch evenone Bengali. We are not afraid of violence. We will fight for Bengal. Had itnot been for us, the Left could not have been defeated.

Bengali speaking tribals and minorities arebeing butchered in Assam. What is the Congress Govt doing? Delhi has turned ablind eye to the violence in Assam. We have said we are ready to give shelterto the refugees. Last year too we gave shelter to the refugees who came fromAssam after riots. I am sad, pained and shocked at the massacre of Bengalispeaking people in Assam. Even children are not spared. They are killing littlechildren. This has to stop. One cannot use violence to come to power. We do notsupport riots.

The Left only raises the bogey of Saradha.Who was in power when chit funds were started in Bengal in 1980s? We haveformed a judicial commission to probe the Saradha case. We are returning moneyto all investors. Chit fund law is the subject of the Centre. They are sittingon the Bill sent by us to combat chit funds. Why did the Centre not act againstchit funds till now? When NDA was in power, why did the BJP not act?

The hot air balloon of the BJP has burst.He is just a marketing product. People can see through their lies. CPI(M) tookmoney from Saradha to publish ads in their mouthpiece. Even several mediahouses attacking us on Saradha have benefited from chit funds. Empty vesselssound much.

We have lost a lot of valuable time due tothe code of conduct. Development work has been hampered. We are working on theground for the people while some leaders are busy making appearances on TV studios.I am not arrogant like the Left. People are my assets. Their love motivates meto keep working. CPI(M) has formed a secret understanding with the BJP andCongress to try and defeat us.

CPI(M) incurred debts. They killed 55000people during their tenure. People have not forgotten the atrocities. We arepaying for the debts incurred by the Left. The Centre is taking away a majorshare of our revenue. Why did the Congress and BJP allow the CPI(M) to borrowmoney when they were in power at the Centre. We have increased our revenue fromRs 21000 crore to Rs 40000 crore. Centre is taking away all the money. Where willthe money for building schools and roads come from? Despite the financialcrunch, we are No. 1 in many sectors.

The Opposition talks about crimes againstwomen. During Left Front rule, even FIRs were not lodged. Women can freely andfearlessly report crimes now. CPI(M) has sold its ideology to the BJP.

The growth in revenue earning in Gujarat is15%. In Bengal it is 31%. In 100-Days Work Scheme, Gujarat spent only Rs 500crore. We spent Rs 5500 crore. Bengal is No. 1 in 100-Days Work Scheme. Butmedia never highlights this. The infant mortality rate in Gujarat is 42 per1000 births. In Bengal it is 32. Maternal mortality rate is also higher inGujarat. They only make speeches. Their actions expose their lies.

This is the fight against the financialdeprivation of Bengal by the Centre. This is the fight against the maliciouscampaigns of the CPI(M). This is a fight against the divisive politics of theBJP. We do not want any financial package. We just want the Centre to stop taking away our money.

We have started several initiatives forNadia district. We have set up several colleges in this district. Our aim is tobuild a better future for the youth. We have fulfilled the Sachar Committeerecommendations for minorities. We believe in Sarva Dharma Samanyay. We celebrate Durga Puja, Eid, Guru Parab aswell as Christmas. If even one person in Bengal is touched, we will protest inDelhi. Make sure such divisive parties never come to power.