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May 9, 2014

Onus of returning money to the poor people is on CBI now: Didi at Baharampur

Onus of returning money to the poor people is on CBI now: Didi at Baharampur

Trinamool Chairperson today addressed a rally at Baharampur in support of the party candidate Indranil Sen. During her speech she said that now that the Supreme Court has ordered a CBI probe into Saradha case, the onus of returning money is also with the CBI and the Central Government.

Excerpts from Didi`s speech:

We are campaigning despite the heat and I amthankful to people are attending the rallies in large numbers. We are observingRabindra Jayanti today. This day, 25se Boishakh, is an iconic day not only forBengal but for the rest of the world.

Elections will have to be free and fair.Baharampur is not the zamindari ofsome individuals. Use of muscle and money power cannot win votes. People willvote freely here.

Had it not been for Trinamool, the Leftcould not have been ousted from power in Bengal. Trinamool stands for poriborton, development, people, unityof Hindus and Muslims. We are work for everyone, without making anydiscrimination.

Baharampur has always been electingCongress candidates. Has any development happened here? Congress has a secretunderstanding with the CPI(M). They have jointly exploited people. There shouldbe a Lakshman Rekha in publicdiscourse. The Opposition has crossed all limits.

The Netai issue was being investigated byCBI. But they failed to nab the criminals. Our CID caught them. Was the CentralGovt sleeping all this while? What action did they take against chit funds? Afterwe came to power, the owner of chit fund got arrested. Centre is not evengiving its assent to our anti chit fund Bill. Now the onus of returning moneyto the people is on the CBI.

The Congress and the CPI(M) are responsiblefor the rise of BJP. Trinamool is in favour of people. Congress supportscorruption. The BJP stands for riots and CPI(M) has destroyed Bengal. Igenerated one lakh jobs as Railway Minister. Some junior ministers of theRailways these days behave as if they are the PM. And then we have some PMcandidates. It is like fixing the date of marriage of a baby even before it isborn.

Law and order is State Subject. No one cantouch a single person in our State without our permission. Some people want todivide the people of Bengal. They should be arrested and sent to jail. Do notsupport match-fixing. CPI(M)-Congress-BJP are playing fixed matches.

Vote for joraphool. Help us get our rights back from the Centre.