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May 3, 2014

We will never, ever form an alliance with the BJP: Didi at Shyambazar

We will never, ever form an alliance with the BJP: Didi at Shyambazar

Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee today addressed a rally at Shyambazar in support of the party candidate for North Kolkata, Sudip Bandyopadhyay. During her speech she said that there was no question of forming an alliance with the BJP that wants to divide the people of the State.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:

We have been campaigning despite the heat.The heat is unbearable at places like Bankura and Purulia. The Opposition hasgiven up courtesies during the election campaign. Malicious lies are beingpeddled as truth. They are using bad language against us, but we are notretaliating.

Some media houses think they can controlthe Government. We are the Government of the people. People will control us. Wecannot run the Government and fix our political agenda based on the wishes ofmedia houses. Let the media houses pursuing political agenda fight electionsand form a Government.

In the last three years when we were inpower, we have lost valuable time due to elections and code of conduct. In sucha short time, we have been able to change Kolkata for the better. We have madethe roads cleaner, beautified the Ganga ghats. We have set up an eco tourismpark at Rajarhat. A wax museum is coming up at Rajarhat. The Centre has taken amajor share of our revenue. Did CPI(M)-BJP-Congress protest?

The Opposition can only share gyan on TV studios. They do not work onthe ground for people. CPI(M) has left the State in huge debt. How will werepay such a huge amount? We increased our revenue from Rs 21000 crore to Rs40000 crore. But the Centre took away our money. Did the Centre ever think howwe will make our ends meet if they take away all our money?

We have increased our revenue byintroducing e-governance methods. We registered the highest growth in revenuein India. But the media did not highlight the achievement. We have increasedour revenues without imposing any taxes on the people. How will we paysalaries, build schools, generate jobs if the Centre takes away all our money. ThePrime Minister promised to help us with debt restructuring at a public rally inDumdum. He did not keep his promise. Our MPs have been vocal about the State`srights in the Parliament. Where were the Left, Congress and BJP MPs.  Mr Chidamabaram said they cannot give anyfinancial package to Bengal.

Some parties want to incite riots in Bengaland divide people based on religion and language. People of UP and Bihar wholive in Bengal are as much part of the State as any Bengali-speaking person. Wedo not play politics of division. We care for people irrespective of theirreligion, caste or creed. We will never, ever have an alliance with BJP.Congress, BJP and CPM have formed a nexus in Bengal to try and fight us.

I will be happy if the Opposition indulgesin positive criticism and counters us politically. We are ready for a dialogueis Opposition questions us on policy. We won`t tolerate malicious campaigns. RBIhad alerted the WB Govt way back in 1986 about chit funds. Who was in powerthen? We passed a Bill against chit funds in the Assembly. The Centre isdelaying the Presidential assent.

Some people make baseless allegations andget media coverage. But if SIT takes an action based on evidence, media criesfoul. These media houses took ads worth lakhs and crores from Saradha. CPI(M)published ads of Saradha in their mouthpiece. What has the CBI done in TapasiMalik`s rape and murder case? What about the massacre in Nandigram. CBI failedto nab the accused in Netai case. Our CID went and captured them from Hyderabad.CBI even failed to retrieve the stolen Nobel medallion of Rabindranath Tagore.

We raised the slogan bodla noy, bodol chai(change not revenge). We have maintained that. Where was the media when oursupporters were tortured for putting up posters under Left rule? We have notforgotten how the wrists of people were chopped off for not voting for the Left.The Left even burnt Anandamargis alive in broad daylight. How can theperpetrators of such heinous crimes give us gyanon law and order? We have set up fast-track courts. We want speedy justice incase of crimes against women.

Gujarat is a smaller State. They have lesspopulation. They cannot be compared with Bengal. In 100-Days Job Scheme we havespent Rs 5500 crore for job generation. Gujarat spent only Rs 500 crore. Infantmortality in Gujarat is 42 per 1000 births. In Bengal it is 31. More number ofhouseholds in Bengal get drinking water compared to Gujarat.

The Left Front Government set up only SNCUsin 34 years. We have set up 256 SNCUs in two and half years. During Left Frontrule even fish had to be imported. Now we have started pisciculture in theState. We have started a Hilsa Research Centre at Diamond Harbour. Even onionshad to be imported from other States earlier.

We are setting up Kisan Bazars, coldstorages, marketing hubs. We are setting up ITIs in every block and polytechniccolleges in every sub-division. In 34 years, the Left set up only 1 university.We have set up 8 new universities in two and half years. We have set up 31 newcolleges. The Left Front Government set up only three. When I was RailwayMinister I started metro network covering the entire city. Work has beenstalled after we Left UPA.

We have named the airport coming up atAndal after Nazrul Islam. We have taken many new initiatives to boost tourismin North Bengal. Political killings have come down in the State. This is amatter of pride. Jangalmahal is smiling. Darjeeling is smiling and theOpposition is cribbing.

We have also set up the first-ever cordblood bank in Bengal. We have also started a breast milk bank. This will help alot of mothers and babies. Children with heart diseases can get surgeries forfree. We have set up fair price medicine shops and diagnostic centres. Poorpeople can get medicines for free from rural health centres.

Kanyashree scheme has been launched for theupliftment of girls. 9 lakh girls have already been enrolled. Jangalmahal is amodel. Darjeeling is a model. Fair price medicines shops are a model.

We will emerge as the third largest partyin India. We will build Trinamool as a national party. Our fight is against thefinancial deprivation of Bengal by the Centre. This fight is against themalicious campaign by the Opposition.

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