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May 3, 2014

BJP wants to divide people of Bengal, we will not sit silently: Didi at Nandigram

BJP wants to divide people of Bengal, we will not sit silently: Didi at Nandigram

Trinamool Chairperson today addressed a campaign rally at Nandigram in support of party candidates for Kanthi (Sisir Adhikary) and Tamluk (Shubhendu Adhikary). She paid tributes to the martyrs of Nandigram carnage. She slammed the CBI for failing to deliver justice to the victims of violence in Nandigram and Netai. 

She also slammed the BJP for trying to play divisive politics in Bengal. She said she will not sit silently if even one Bengali was harmed. She called for an end to the branding of Bengali speaking people as illegal Bangladeshis.

Excerpts from the Chairperson’s speech:

I pay my respects to the families of allthe martyrs. I salute those who participated in land movement. I am here tocampaign for Sisir Adhikary (Kanthi) and Subhendu Adhikary (Tamluk). We havetaken several initiatives for the development of this region. We have repairedthe roads here. I started many projects as Railway Minister. We have formed aHealth District in Nandigram.

We are setting up an Industry cluster,ITIs, polytechnic colleges, Kisan Bazars in this district. We have taken stepsto supply drinking water to the people. We have asked IIT Kharagpur to preparea survey report for the development projects in this area.

People of Nandigram fought valiantly duringthe land movement. I salute the martyrs of Netai, Nandigram and Singur. CBI hasfailed to deliver justice to the people of Nandigram, Netai. Many people arestill missing in Nandigram. If CBI fails to deliver, we will carry out theinvestigation. Tapasi Malik`s rapist and murderer was called “party`sasset” by the Left. 45000 false cases were lodged against the people ofNandigram during land movement. Haldi river is a mute witness of the crimescommitted in Nandigram.

Certain media houses have become the dalal of the Left. Congress-CPI(M)-BJPhave formed a mahajot against us.According to me it is an unholy nexus. We are not afraid of Delhi. We willfight for our rights. We increased our revenue from Rs 21000 crore to Rs 40000crore. The Centre took away major part of our taxes.

We are setting up a college for girls atTamluk, named after Shahid Matangini Hazra. We have upgraded hospitals. We areworking for development of Bengal, despite financial crunch. We ask people forvotes to make us win. The Opposition wants people`s votes to see us lose. Onthe day of results, it will be clear that people of Bengal are with Trinamool. TheOpposition has no political issues to counter us. So, they are hatchingmalicious campaigns.

We have given 50% reservation to women atPanchayat level. We have given reservation to minorities. We give rice at Rs 2per kilo to 3.2 crore people. Tribal people can obtain caste certificateswithin a month now. We have launched Kanyashree scheme for girls. They will getfinancial assistance to pursue education. 9 lakh girls have already beenregistered under Kanyashree scheme. UNICEF has decided to partner with us toimplement the Kanyashree scheme.

West Bengal was ranked 18 among statesearlier in 100-Days Job Scheme. Now we are No. 1. People from districts neednot come to Kolkata anymore. Secretariat goes to the districts from Kolkata. Ihave held several administrative meetings in the districts to oversee theimplementation of projects.

The media speaks highly of only those whohave money power. The BJP wants to divide the people of Bengal on the basis ofreligion and ethnicity. BJP wants to throw the refugees of 1971 out of India.How can they say something like that? If even one Bengali is touched, we will not sit silently. People who speak in Bangla are quickly branded as illegal Bangladeshis. We must protest against such branding. The BJP will have to faceRoyal Bengal Tiger in Bengal. We are not paper tigers. Refugees are living inIndia as per Nehru-Liyaqat treaty and Indira-Mujib agreement.

Announcing a PM candidate is like fixingthe date of marriage of a baby even before it is born. People`s support is withus. It is a stronger weapon than a thousand guns.

CPI(M) incurred debt and now we are payingfor their sins. The Centre must stop taking away our money. We have recruited40000 constables. We have recruited 1.3 lakh civic police personnel. In two andhalf years we have created more than one lakh ponds. Our 5-year target was 50000.Divisive politics will not be be allowed in Bengal.

Hindus and Muslims, Bengalis and nonBengalis stay in harmony in Bengal. They can never be divided. Bengal will leadthe way for India in future. Trinamool will emerge as the third largest partyafter elections. We will emerge as a national party very soon.

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