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May 6, 2014

Opposition cannot counter us on policy issues, hence indulging in malicious propaganda: Didi at Panihati

Opposition cannot counter us on policy issues, hence indulging in malicious propaganda: Didi at Panihati

Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjeetoday addressed three rallies at Basirhat, Swarupnagar and Panihati. At thePanihati rally, held in support of Saugata Roy, Ms. Mamata Banerjee again saidthat she will never allow the division of Bengal. She also slammed the LeftFront for ruining Bengal in the last 34 years and accused the Centre of financiallydepriving the State so that development comes to a standstill.

Excerptsfrom the Chairperson`s speech:

We interact with people so that we canunderstand their problems and find a solution to their problems. I am very fondof kids. They always say the truth. They are very innocent. I do not take anyprivileges as the CM. I do not draw salary as CM or use Government cars. Evenwhen I am visiting districts, I pay for my own expenses.

I gave the royalty of my first book to thevictims of Amta violence. Money from the sale of my paintings were given tospastic society and CM’s relief fund. The money raised from the sale of mypaintings is taken in the form of cheques in favour of Jago Bangla. I manage my living my selling my books. But Oppositionhas a problem with that too. I have struggled a lot in my life. I alwayschronicle my experience for the posterity to benefit from it.

The CPI(M) is indulging in maliciouscampaigns, Congress is steeped in corruption and BJP stands for communalism. Irequest the Opposition to counter us on policies. I am ready to answer alltheir questions. But I will not tolerate any attempts to divide the State. Iwill not allow any Bengalis to be thrown out of the State. Before raising thebogey of chit funds, the Left should answer who was in power when chit fundswere founded in Bengal.

The CPI(M) mouthpiece is full of ads ofSaradha. They have taken money from chit funds. Several media houses took moneyfrom Saradha to publish ads. How can they point fingers at others now? I wantto ask the former Finance Minister of Bengal whether his campaign in 2011 wasfunded by Saradha. We raised the slogan bodlanoy bodol chai (change not revenge). Political violence has come down inBengal.

Our revenue collection has increased fromRs 21000 crore to Rs 40000 crore. We have registered the highest growth inrevenue income – 31%. While we are increasing our earning, the Centre has beentaking away all our money. Instead of raising his voice against the neglect byCentre for Bengal, Modi is talking of driving Bengalis away. If they dare totouch a single citizen of Bengal, we will not sit silently. Who are theycalling refugees?

People who have taken shelter in Bengal arethe rightful citizens of the State. Several thousands of people from Assam havecome to Bengal after the recent violence. We have given them shelter. UP,Bihari, Rajasthani, Marwari – everyone living in this State is a Bengali. Howmany Bengali MLAs does Gujarat have? We have MLAs and MPs from different regions.

They are spending unimaginable amount ofmoney to create a gas balloon. Has anyone ever heard of a PM candidate? It islike fixing the date of marriage of a baby even before it is born. Some partiesare inciting violence between communities. This is the nadir of politics. Gandhiji,Bhagat Singh, Netaji, Maulana Azad – they never talked of any particularcommunity. BJP can never become a banyan tree. They are not inclusive.

The Left have sold their ideology to the Congressand BJP. They only serve their own interests. Peace prevails in Darjeeling. Ihave myself visited Darjeeling several times to bring peace in the Hills. Jangalmahalis a national model for countering Maoist violence. Kanyahsree is an international model. UNICEF is partnering with us.Girls are getting assistance to pursue education. Our fair price medicine shopsare a national model. We have distributed 28 lakh Kisan Credit Cards in two andhalf years. We have started 31 Govt colleges in two and half years. CPI(M) setup only 3 in 34 years. The Left set up 1 university in 34 years. We have set up8 new universities.

The Opposition cannot counter us on policymatters. They cannot criticise our development initiatives. The Opposition isjealous. That is why Centre is taking away our money so that development comesto a halt in Bengal. We are building 500 marketing hubs. 5 lakh people will getjobs. We are setting up fair price diagnostic centres and 34 multi superspeciality hospitals.

Why did the Left never think ofe-governance methods? We have increased revenue through e-taxation methods. CPI(M)-Congress-BJPare playing a got-up match. My message for them: I will continue withdevelopment, catch me if you can.

Saugata Roy is a hard worker. He is alwaysthere for the people at times of need. Vote for Saugata Roy. Vote for joraphool. Those who want to throwpeople away from Bengal, make sure you throw them out of Bengal through ballots.

 Trinamoolwill emerge as the third largest party. We will become a National party soon.