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May 8, 2014

1000 days at a glance: Municipal Affairs

1000 days at a glance: Municipal Affairs

The fast pace of urbanization in the State hasthrown a serious challenge to the urban planners. One of the major challengesis to provide basic municipal services and to develop appropriateinfrastructures that are often severely deficient in the growing urban centers.After years of neglect for over three decades, things have began to change inthe last two and a half years.

In last 34 months the government has broughtseveral schemes and policies with the purpose of improving the infrastructureof the municipalities:

Visiondocument of municipalities

As per instructions of the State Government,124 municipalities have already released a vision document for the developmentof their own municipal areas.

Constitutionof a new municipality

A new municipality has been constituted atHaringhata in the district of Nadia. As a result the number municipalities inthe state have become 128.

Drinkingwater for all the city-dwellers

  • Water supply project has been undertaken in 20cities. 
  • In order to supply drinking water to theinhabitants of drought-prone areas of the state, several projects have been sanctionedwith budgeted allocation of Rs 210 crore in 5 cities (i.e. Purulia,Raghunathpur, Bishnupur, Sonamukhi and Kharagpur). 
  • In the last two and a half years, water supplyproject in 12 small and medium towns has been completed. About 7 lakh ofcity-dwellers will be benefited out of this project.
  • The water supply projects in 5 municipal areashave been completed. 
  • Another 3 lakh city- dwellers will be benefitedfrom this project.

 Constructionof dwelling house for slum-dwellers and urban poor people

  • Rs 926 crore has been allocated in 94 projectsfor 80 municipalities outside the jurisdiction of Kolkata MunicipalityCorporation for the construction of houses for slum dwellers and urban poorpeople. 
  • Construction of 10,168 houses is going on.During the last two and a half years construction of 15,137 houses has beencompleted. Besides this, the government has sanctioned another 287 new houses.


  • Under the supervision of State UrbanDevelopment Agency and Municipal Engineering Directorate, the installation ofdecorative lamp-posts in 52 municipalities including Navadiganta IndustrialTownship has been completed.
  • The installation of decorative lamp poststhroughout the entire stretch of Belgharia Expressway has been completed. 
  • The installation of decorative lamp in morethan 20 kilometres of NH-34 (at both sides of the road), between Ultadanga andBarasat and on Jessore Road between R.G.Kar Hospital and Airport gate No. 1 hasbeen completed. 
  • The Kolkata Municipal Corporation hascompleted the development work on river-bank in between Princep Ghat andBabughat, Armenian Ghat and Millenium Park at the eastern side of the riverHooghly. 
  • The Kolkata Municipal Corporation hascompleted the renovation work of 14 `ghats` on the river Hooghly and has donethe beautification work of 16 main thoroughfare. Besides, KMC also undertookthe preservation and development work of Ramakrishna crematorium, BhukailashRajbari extension and beautification of Nimtala crematorium. 
  • KMC also erected a large gate on the KalighatRoad. 

SwarnajayantiShahari Rojgar Yojona

Toeradicate poverty in cities, the government has taken this scheme, with theobjective of making unemployed and low-income group people self sufficient. Three-tierlocal people committee and community development organizations have been put upin place. In last two and a half years 1, 02,292 below poverty level unemployedyouth have been trained in this scheme. The self help groups have participatedin various fairs in assistance with municipalities and the State Government.

Rightto Public Services Act, 2013

As per theRight to Public Services Act 2013, 105 municipalities have already publishedrequisite notice for providing different services to the citizens.

Civicamenities through e-governance

  • Significantprogress has been made possible in providing civic amenities through integratede-governance system.
  • Birth andDeath Certificates, Trade License is issued in 73 municipal bodies includingKolkata Municipal Corporation. 
  • In somemunicipalities, this system has been introduced for making building plans andcollecting Municipal Taxes


KolkataMunicipal Corporation has established Compactor Stations in different areas ofthe city for waste management.


Anotification has been published in Kolkata Gazette; they have fixed definite targetsin the fields of water supply, waste management, drainage and sewage

SocialAssistance Schemes

  • Old agepension are provided to 3, 01,918 BPL people .
  • Rs 21.59crore have been distributed to the family members of 20,682 BPL people after theiraccidental or normal death. 
  • 1, 01,262 BPLwidows whose age is in between 40 to 59 years are getting widow pension. 
  • 9,514 BPL DisabledPersons are provided with financial aid.

Preparationof City Development Plan

For preparingCity development Plan for the next five years, direction and training have beenprovided to all the municipalities.