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May 8, 2014

Money power is being used to influence sections of the media: Didi at Baranagar

Money power is being used to influence sections of the media: Didi at Baranagar

Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee today addressed arally at Baranagar in support of the party candidate for Dumdum Lok Sabhaconstituency, Saugata Roy. During her speech she slammed the divisive politicsof BJP. She said even if one person in Bengal is touched, appropriate replywill be given. She also slammed the CPI(M) for their malicious propaganda.

Excerpts from theChairperson’s speech:

I am thankful to all of you for being present here. We havebeen campaigning for the last few months in the heat. The elections this yearare the longest in history. We are working hard despite the summer heat. Ourmotto is Sarva Dharma Samanyay. Wethank everyone for your support.

Certain sections of the media have sold themselves to a fewpolitical parties. The Lakshman Rekhaof malicious campaign, falsehood and decency has been crossed this year. Somepeople are using black money to win the elections. A dangabaj has bought the media with money power. A dark era hasstarted in Indian politics. A tainted person is using all might to come topower. Parties can collect money for funding election expenses. But collectingfunds in the name of PM is wrong.

We have heard of PM or CM Relief Funds. Have you heard of aperson/party collecting fund in the name of PM? Had Modi asked for funds forthe party, I`d have no objection. But what is Modi for PM fund? This isunconstitutional. Modi is not PM. How can he ask money for Modi for PM fund? PMis a Constitutional post. How can they use PM`s name to collect funds for party.

Before threatening others of packing their bags, he shouldpack his own bags and be ready to go to jail for criminal offence. The Leftaccuses us of using Saradha funds. When was Saradha founded? When did chitfunds start their business in Bengal? Who was in power when Saradha wasstarted? Who was the CM when Sanchayita chit fund scam happened? CPI(M)`smouthpiece took large amount of money from Saradha as ads.

The former Finance Minister should be asked whether hiselection campaign in 2011 was funded by Saradha. A media house which targets usover Saradha also got money from Saradha. We have several pictures of theformer CM of West Bengal with various chit fund owners.

CPI(M) gave up its ideology to serve themselves. They haveforgotten their ideals. Political discourse in India has become unilateral. CPI(M)is indulging in malicious campaign. Congress is corrupt and BJP stands forpolitics of riots. Confidence is good but not over-confidence. BJP should notdare to touch a single Bengali.

There is nothing called PM candidate. MPs decide who will bethe PM after elections. They say that Biharis are ill-treated in Bengal. Whatlies! We have State holiday for Chhat puja too. Does Gujarat give holiday onChhat Puja. Dinesh Trivedi was born in Gujarat, but he is as much Bengali as weare. Can Gujarat boast of even one Bengali MLA?

We have MPs and MLAs with roots in different States. We haveleaders from all communities in the State. People of Bengal live in peace andharmony. This makes dangababu veryangry and jealous. Bengal will lead India in the future. The CPI(M) stoppedcourses in English in schools. They deprived a generation of learning a language.

I feel the youth should learn new languages. Knowing morelanguages will help in progress. We have given recognition to Urdu, Hindi, AlChiki, Gurmukhi and Nepali language. We believe in unity in diversity. Afterearthquake in Gujarat, as Rail Minister I helped in rehabilitating the State.

 The Left incurreddebts worth Rs 2 lakh crore and the Centre is taking away all our revenue now. Despitethe financial crunch, Bengal is No. 1 in 100-Days Work Scheme. We are settingup ITIs in every block, polytechnic colleges in every sub-division. I haveattended 54 administrative meetings at block level in the last three years.

I`d have no problem if they countered us politically. Butno, they are targeting us with malicious campaigns. You have to save India. Youhave to restore the honour of Ma, Mati, Manush. You have to stop divisivepolitics. People will cast their vote.

I have full faith in them. Saugata Roy is always there forthe people, throughout the year. He is not like politicians who can be seenonly during elections.

On May 12, cast your vote in favour of joraphool.

Vote against the divisive politics of BJP, corruption ofCongress and the propaganda of CPI(M).