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May 4, 2014

WB CM expresses her shock over the violence in Assam

WB CM expresses her shock over the violence in Assam

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. MamataBanerjee today expressed her sadness, shock and grief over the massacre ofBengali speaking minorities and tribal brothers and sisters in Assam.

Speaking at a rally in Nadia district, shesaid, “Bengali speaking tribals and minorities are being butchered in Assam.What is the Congress Govt doing? Delhi has turned a blind eye to the violencein Assam. We have said we are ready to give shelter to the refugees. Last yeartoo we gave shelter to the refugees who came from Assam after riots.”

She added, “I am sad, pained and shocked atthe massacre of Bengali speaking people in Assam. Even children are not spared.They are killing little children. This has to stop. One cannot use violence tocome to power. We do not support riots.”

The Chief Minister also expressed her shockin a post on the social networking site Facebook:

I am very shocked about the recent incidentof violence in Assam where innocent Bengali speaking minority and tribalbrothers and sisters are being brutally murdered. This is most unfortunate.

Lok Sabha election in Assam is over, butthe election process is still continuing in various other parts of the country.Certain comments of some political parties including the aspirant of Highoffice are adding fuel. Their language must be controlled and they should notplay politics with fire where innocent lives are involved.

We are worried as Assam is our borderstate. We had extended support and shelter to the affected people in the past.On humanitarian considerations, our doors are open for help to the affectedpersons even now.

Why the Government of Assam and the UnionGovernment are silent?

Why no action is being taken by thestatutory authorities like National Human Rights Commission, MinoritiesCommission Tribal Commission etc.?

I urge the Government and other politicalparties concerned to ensure that atrocities and violence are immediatelystopped.

We condemn such incidents of atrocities andviolence.

It is a shame.. shame.. shame.