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May 16, 2014

I dedicate this victory to the Ma, Mati, Manush of Bengal: Didi on Lok Sabha elections

I dedicate this victory to the Ma, Mati, Manush of Bengal: Didi on Lok Sabha elections

Trinamool Chairperson addressed the press today after the results of the Lok Sabha elections were declared. Trinamool has secured 34 seats out of the 42 seats in Bengal. Didi dedicated the victory to the people of the State. 

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:

We have won 34 out of 42 seats in thiselection. I would like to thank the Ma, Mati, Manush of Bengal. Only in Bengalwe saw a one-sided malicious campaign, even by a major section of the media wasinvolved. But people of Bengal have given their verdict loud and clear. We arevery happy about that.

The ` Man of the Match` is the people ofBengal. Democracy has prevailed. Trinamool Congress believes in working for allirrespective of the cast, creed or religion and we must uphold the communalharmony in the country. We want economic stability, political stability and thecountry`s stability.

Trinamool Congress never believes inpersonal gains. We are always for the people, by the people, of the people andpro-people. We will continue to do that. We will do whatever is good for thepeople and good for the country.

Bengal has gone through the longestelection phase in the history in this tremendous heat. I thank my colleaguesfor their work. The common people had come out to vote in spite of the risingheat, I thank them too.

CPI(M) has been completely decimated inBengal. This is what happens if you try to damage yourself while trying tofight others by spreading malicious campaigns. There was so much to learn fromthis election. Will the valueless politics continue or will it be sold to moneypower? Democracy is dependent on media, judiciary and election. The way thiselection was held is astonishing. Only one party was highlighted during thecampaign, because of money power.

The media has made one-sided campaignsagainst us. In spite of that the voice of the people was victorious. The totalcredit goes to them who have resisted these one-sided malicious campaigns.

I request all to maintain peace and not gointo any confrontations or indulge in any activity that breaks the peace.  This was a very hard battle. I dedicate thisvictory to the people of West Bengal. I believe that in democracy people`spower is the only power.

Didi`s message on Facebook:

Didi`s message on Facebook