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May 8, 2014

Collection of electoral funds by a party in the name of PM is illegal: Didi at Dumdum

Collection of electoral funds by a party in the name of PM is illegal: Didi at Dumdum

Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee today addressed a rally in support of Saugata Roy at Dumdum. During her speech she slammed the BJP for creating a fund using the PM`s name. She said such a fund was illegal as no party has the right to use the PM`s name to raise funds for the party.

Excerpts from theChairperson’s speech:

I have been elected to the Lok Sabha several times. I havenever seen such a malicious campaign like this year. The campaign this year isnot based on policy matters but on propaganda, malicious lies and falsehood. Themedia has sold itself to some parties. There can be nothing more tragic thanthis.

Opinion is being sold for money. The media has lost its voice.The value of vote of Tata or Birla is the same as that of a daily wage labourer.Even before a baby is born, its date of marriage has been fixed. Media houseshave started projecting a PM candidate.

A political party is entitled to raise money, ask fordonations. But to ask for money in the name of PM fund is unheard of. PM and CMare Government posts. Political parties cannot collect funds in their name. PM andCM can only have relief funds.

Congress and CPI(M) never open their mouths against Modi orthe BJP. I am in favour of policies that are pro-people. I support policiesthat help in the upliftment of the poor. The CPI(M) has forgotten theirideology. They only know how to exploit people and serve themselves.

Out of the three years we were in power, we have lost morethan 6 months due to elections and Model Code. We have severe financial crunch.Yet we are working hard for the people. We have set up 8 new universities whilethe Left only set up 1 during its tenure. We started 31 new colleges while theLeft set up only 3 colleges. We are No. 1 in 100-Days Work Scheme. Ourexpenditure was highest in the country.

We spent Rs 5500 crore to create jobs under 100-Days WorkScheme while Gujarat spent only Rs 500 crore. In terms of bank credit flow inMSME sector, our growth was 106% while for Gujarat it was 50%. We have startedthe Kanyashree scheme for girls.Girls can pursue education and we will give them financial assistance. We havestarted Yuvashree scheme. One lakhunemployed youth can register their names in the employment bank. We are doingall this work despite the financial crunch. The Centre is taking away all ourmoney.

On May 12, cast your vote in favour of joraphool. Voteagainst the divisive politics of BJP, corruption of Congress and the maliciouscampaigns of the CPI(M).