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May 8, 2014

Those who want to divide Bengal must be defeated democratically: Didi at Titagarh

Those who want to divide Bengal must be defeated democratically: Didi at Titagarh

Trinamool ChairpersonMs. Mamata Banerjee addressed at a campaign rally in Titagarh in support of theparty candidate from the Barrackpore constituency, Dinesh Trivedi. She thankedall the people who were present for their support towards Trinamool Congresssince 2009. She slammed the BJP for the threats to divide Bengal alongreligious and linguistic lines. She said any threat to divide the people ofBengal will be answered in equal measure.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:

Bengalis and non Bengalishave been staying together in these areas which include Bhatapara, Titagarh, Barrackporeand Jagaddal. The non Bengalis are as much rightful citizens of Bengal as theBengali speaking people here. Dinesh Trivedi ji also hails from Gujarat. But he is also a resident of Bengal. Wehave leaders with roots in different states of India. Trinamool is apluralistic party. We work for all.

On the occasion ofChhat puja, every Trinamool leader, MP and MLA participates in the worship of Ganga Maiyya. CPI(M), Congress, BJPnever participate in festivals with the people. We also participate in Roza during the month of Ramazan. DoesGujarat have any Bengali MLA? We have Gujarati, Punjabi, Bihari as well asRajasthani MLA. Does Gujarat give a holiday for Chhat Puja or Shab-E-Barat? Wedo. Bengal is a smaller version of India. When earthquake struck Gujarat in 2001,I helped the State as Railway Minister.

People of all faith,caste, and creed live together in peace in Bengal. This makes `Dangababu` very jealous and angry. Theyare now collecting `Modi for PM fund`. We have never anything like this. This `Modifor PM` fund is illegal. PM and CM can only have Relief Fund. How can a politicalparty collect fund for PM? We will write to the EC against this.

These elections arethe blackest elections. Some parties have even bought the media. The CPI(M) hassold its ideology to the BJP and the Congress. The BJP PM candidate sometimestalks about dividing Bengalis and non Bengalis, sometimes he threatens to sendBengalis away from India. Now I am even hearing they are protesting against theEC in Varanasi. This is unheard of. Not just Muslims, even women are afraid ofhim. We will never allow him to incite riots in Bengal. We will survive on halfa roti, but we will never beg foralms.

We have started ascheme called Nija Griha Nija Bhoomi togive house and land to people. 2 lakh people have benefited. Barrackpore wasonce an industrial region. We will rebuild the infrastructure. Our Finance andIndustry Minister, Amit Mitra is looking into it. We will build big industrialclusters. That will generate a lot of employment.

People who want todestroy the communal harmony of Bengal should be democratically defeated inthese elections. Do we have to learn about Hinduism from BJP? Why? Don`t weworship Maa Durga, Maa Kali and Hanuman ji?We do not play politics of religion. The CPI(M) started this kind of politics.BJP is continuing their tradition. They tried to divide Biharis and Marathis inMaharashtra.

Bengalis who speak inBangla are branded illegal Bangladeshis elsewhere in India. Why can`t theycounter us on policy and development issues? Why are they playing divisivepolitics? This is the time to save the nation. If they come to power, they willsell the nation and incite riots.

CPI(M)-Congress-BJPare playing a got-up match. We will not allow match-fixing. The last phase ofthe elections is scheduled for May 12. Vote for joraphool. Help us strengthen our voice at the Centre. Ensure that webecome the third largest party at the Centre.