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May 2, 2014

We are not weak like the Left, peace will prevail in Jangalmahal: Didi at Belpahari

We are not weak like the Left, peace will prevail in Jangalmahal: Didi at Belpahari

Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee today visited Belpahari where she addressed a campaign rally in support of the party candidate for Jhargram constituency. In her speech, the Chairperson highlighted the fact that peace has returned to Jangalmahal and people live fearlessly now. She asked everyone to vote for peace and prosperity and shun the politics of violence of the Left.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:

I welcome all my brothers and sisters andthank you all for coming to this rally despite the heat. Our candidate for Jhargramis Dr Uma Soren. She works for the tribal people here. I have come to knowthere are many talented doctors from tribal community here. I am very proud ofyou.

There has been a reign of terror inBelpahari region. Jangalmahal has seen enough violence. Blood of innocents havebeen shed in Jangalmahal. Women were afraid of coming out of their homes. Studentscould not go to schools. Dead bodies of many of those who were slaughtered inJangalmahal, have not been recovered.

I am proud to say that peace prevails inJangalmahal now. I have come to Jangalmahal several times in the last threeyears, despite threats to my life. .People who have never visited Jangalmahal are now visiting the State beforeelections. People with vested political interests want to disturb the peace inJangalmahal and Darjeeling. We are not weak like the Left Front Government. Wewill not allow any sabotage of peace in Jangalmahal.

Earlier women could not even registercomplaints for the crimes committed against them. Situation has changed now.Jangalmahal is a model of peace. From 500-700 deaths per year due to violence,the figure has come down to zero. We love our tribal brothers and sisters. Wehave given recognition to Al Chiki. We have introduced reservation forbackward classes and minorities.

Trinamool Congress has given tickets to alot of young candidates for the Lok Sabha elections. There are senior leadersto guide the new entrants in politics. We are setting up 6 multi superspecialty hospitals, ITIs, polytechnic colleges. We are building roads. Earlierpeople in Amlasole had no food to eat. Eggs of ants and roots of plants were eatenby the locals for their meals. Now we provide rice at Rs 2/kg to the people.3.2 crore people in Bengal receive rice and other foodgrains at subsidized prices.Despite all our initiatives, some people fail to see the surge of development.We take prompt action if crimes against women are committed. We want allrapists to be hanged.

A private news channel is peddling lies.They are showing paid news. I challenge them to contest elections and form theGovernment. Let us see how they fare. Media houses have a right to pursue theiragenda. But Government cannot run according to their wishes. The CBI was incharge of Netai case. They failed to nab a single accused. Our police capturedthe culprits from another state. CBI has failed to retrieve RabindranathTagore`s Nobel Prize medal. Some newspapers have become the dalal of theLeft.

We are setting up 9 government colleges inthis district. We have started Kanyashree scheme. Girls will get financialassistance to pursue education. We have started an employment bank. We areencouraging the youth to participate in sports. The media should fight for thesake of the State. But in Bengal, some sections of the media only criticize theState. Some people are jobless and are engaged in malicious campaigns againstus. We are seeking your vote for peace, progress and development.

Had the Centre not taken away our money, wecould have generated 20 lakh more jobs. Your vote will strengthen our voice atCentre so that we can fight for our rights. People have not forgotten howCPI(M) used muscle power and violence to rule in Bengal. Ensure that CPI(M)never comes back to power. Do not vote for their friends in the Congress andBJP. How many times have the CPI(M), Congress and BJP leaders visited Jhargram?I have visited Jangalmahal 35 times and Darjeeling 40 times. I am always withyou. Give a fitting reply to the Opposition for their malicious campaignthrough ballots.