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May 1, 2014

Announcing PM candidate is like even before the baby is born, its date of marriage has been fixed: Didi at Bankura

Announcing PM candidate is like even before the baby is born, its date of marriage has been fixed: Didi at Bankura

Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee addressed a rally today at Bankura in support of the party candidate Moonmoon Sen (Srimati Dev Barma). Several artists of the Bengali film fraternity were also present there along with Moonmoon Sen`s daughters – Riya and Raima Sen.

During her speech, the Chairperson lauded Bankura for emerging as the best district in India in 100-Days Work Scheme. She also said that the students of Bankura are very talented. She asked people to vote for peace and progress and shun the Opposition as they want to incite violence in Jangalmahal for political gains. 

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:

Today is Manna De`s birthday. We had honoured him with Banga Bibhushan award. We will always remember him and he will forever live in our hearts. Today is also May Day. I salute all workers from all organized and unorganized sectors who are toiling hard every day.


You have been waiting for long in this heat. Dates of election are not fixed by us. So, common people are suffering due to heat. Earlier election process was completed in 45 days. Now it goes on for months.


Bankura is the best district in the country in 100-Days Work Scheme. Bankura has many talented students. Every year students from this district shine in Madhyamik and HS exams. For the sake of the talented students, I decided to set up a university in Bankura. They will not have to go outside the State.


In 34 years, the Left set up only one university. We have set up 8 new universities. We have set up a university named after Kazii Nazrul Islam. We have set up a Nazrul Academy. We named Andal airport after him. We have set up 31 government colleges in two and half years. Left set up only 3 in 34 years.


Those who keep criticizing us at TV studios have done no work. The Left distributed only 12000 land pattas in 2009-10. Nobody talks about the good works we did. We distributed 2 lakh pattas in two and half years. We have distributed 28 lakh Kisan Credit Cards. We promised to create 50000 ponds in 5 years. We have already created over 1 lakh ponds. We have implemented Sachar committee recommendations. 57 lakh students have got scholarships.


We distribute rice at Rs 2 per kilo to 3.2 crore people. We have opened 198 new SNSUs and 36 new SNCUs. We are opening ITIs and polytechnics. We are setting up marketing hubs that will generate jobs. We have started Kanyashree scheme for girls.


We have no greed for power. We left UPA when their policies went against the interests of the people. We have registered the highest growth in revenue collection; the Centre is taking away a major share of our money. Our fair price medicine shops are national models now. The leaders in Delhi are jealous of us because we work for the people. We have revived Bengal`s economy.


Peace prevails in Jangalmahal now. I salute the people here. Some people cannot counter us politically. So, they are inciting violence in Jangalmahal and Darjeeling. Leaders like Gandhiji, Netaji, Maulana Azad, Ambedkar believed in politics of courtesies. Some leaders today have reduced the level of political discourse to new lows. I do not respect them.


Congress-BJP-CPI(M) have an understanding to cut our votes.  I respect Leftist ideology. But the communists in Bengal have sold their ideology to the Congress and BJP. The MP of Bankura has remained unchanged for over many decades. Poriborton happened at Assembly level in Bengal. Now you have to change your MP. Do not vote for the Opposition. CPI(M) indulges in malicious campaigns. Congress hatches conspiracies and BJP ignites communal violence.


Announcing PM candidate is like even before the baby is born, its date of marriage has been fixed. A person who has stains of riots in his hands, someone who wants to divide Bengalis and non Bengalis, can never become the PM. Indian Constitution is secular. A person who is not inclusive can never hold the PM post. Where are these political leaders during Durga Puja or Kali Puja? They can be seen only during election season. We do not have to learn about Hinduism from parties which indulge in religious parties.


When the British partitioned Bengal in 1905, Rabindranath started rakhee utsav between Hindus and Muslims. Bengal`s soil is pluralistic. Bengal has a rich legacy of communal harmony. Ramakrishna talked about Sarva Dharma Samanyay. We celebrate Durga Puja, we also attend Eid celebrations. Politics of violence and religious riots will not be tolerated on the soil of Bengal.


The youth are the future of India. They have to build a better nation. Without the youth, Poriborton would not have been possible. The mothers in every household of Bengal are like my mother. People of Bengal are my family. I cannot be intimated by violence. I cannot be stopped by malicious campaigns. Trinamool Congress will emerge as a national party.


Paper tigers can never compete with Royal Bengal Tigers. Money power of CPI(M)-BJP-Congress will never win over people power. Vote for joraphool on 7th May. Vote for Trinamool. Give a fitting reply to the malicious campaigns of the Opposition.