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May 10, 2014

On the campaign trail with… Sudip Bandyopadhyay

On the campaign trail with… Sudip Bandyopadhyay

Sudip Bandopadhyay, Leader of Trinamool Congress Parliamentary Party in the 15th Lok Sabaha, is the Trinamool Congress candidate for the Kolkata Uttar constituency. 

Sudip da has a very close connection with people of his constituency, which consists of Chowranghee, Entally, Beleghata, Jorasanko, Shyampukur, Maniktala and Kashipur-Belgachhia Assembly segments. 

As an MP, Sudip Bandyopadhay had 85% attendance in the Parliament. He has been involved in several debates in the House.
During the final phase of his campaign on May 9, 2014, Arupratan Chakraborty of Trinamool Congress Web team accompanied Sudip da throughout the day on his campaign trail in the Beleghata constituency.

Sudip Bandopadhyay at Beleghata

7:45 AM: Bhatikhana More, Ward No.35, Beleghata Area

Sudip da at Beleghata Bhatikhana area

The area around Netaji Subhas Park in Beleghata Bhatikhana was all spic and span. The lanes and by-lanes were buzzing with activity. Paresh Pal, the local MLA was there to check the final preparation of the padayatra scheduled for the day.

8:30 AM: Bhatikhana – Nabab Bagan area, Belghata

Sudip da at Nabab Bagan, Beleghata

Sudip da, accompanied by Nayana di, reaches out to the people in every household of the Bhatikhana area. Local people gathered to greet them. They thanked Sudip da, garlanded him and expressed their support.

9:00 AM: Rakhal Ghosh Lane – Sarkar Bazar area, Belghata

The mercury was soaring. The discomfort factor had already crossed permissible limits, but there was no stopping Sudip da. An old lady rushed to him to present him with mangoes from her tree. Sudip da accepted them and said that he would always remember her sweet gesture.

Sudip da being offered mangoes by an elderly resident

The crowd had already soared in number and crossed at least thousand. With the Trinamool flag fluttering in most of the hands and the supporters adorning party colours on their caps, this was a rally which showed support and solidarity.

The huge rally crossed the street and entered Sarkar Bazar area. The Bustee Committee greeted Sudip da once again. People from every household came out of their homes and young children garlanded him.

Sudip da being garlanded by a little boy

10:10 AM: Kabi Sukanta Road, Beleghata area

Sudip da speaks during the roadshow

A hood-less jeep arrived at the Sarkar Bazar crossing. Sudip da, Nayana di and Paresh Pal boarded the jeep. It was time to stage a road show. A convoy of jeeps, followed by around 200 supporters and admirers covered the entire stretch of Kabi Sukanta Road. At a 4-point crossing, Sudip Da stopped the jeep for a brief speech.

He said that he had scheduled the campaigning in this area in the last and final phase because it was one of the most important areas in his constituencies. The rally went through KG Bose Sarani and Harimohan Ghosh Lane to stop at the Bangalpara-CIT Road juncture.

Graffiti at Kabi Sukanta Road, Beleghata

10:45 am: Bangalpara,Ward No.35. Beleghata

Sudip da got off the jeep and mingled with people at Bangalpara. An old lady, probably in her seventies, greeted the leader and blessed her. The padayatra proceeded through Panchanan Mitra Lane and came to an end at Netaji Subhas Park.

An elderly resident blesses Sudip da at Bangalpara

11:30 AM: Railway Quarters, Narkeldanga Main Road

Sudip da seeks blessings from all near Rail Quarter

Sudip da was on the jeep again, this time touring areas near the Narkeldanga Main Road, adjoining the Railway Quarters. He stopped occasionally to talk to people who greeted him. The 15 km rally finally ended around 12 noon.

5:00 PM: Kankurgachi APC Park, Maniktala Assembly segment

Gathering at APC Park Kankurgachi

The gala rally, attended by almost 10,000 people, was actually arranged in a short notice of 24 hours, thanks to Paresh Pal. Sudip da was accompanied by the local MLA and state Minister Sadhan Pandey and Paresh da, the MLA of Beleghata.

Rally at Kakurgachi APC Park in support of Sudip da

Sudip da, was scheduled to join the Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee at a rally in Tala Park at 7 pm and had to leave the meeting early. In his brief speech, Sudip da talked about how the development of the state had reached a sky-high under the Trinamool Government and the role Trinamool Congress played in the Parliament.

Sudip da speaks at the Kakurgachi rally