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May 3, 2014

1000 days at a glance: Fisheries and Animal Resources Development

1000 days at a glance: Fisheries and Animal Resources Development

Most of the poor people in rural areas of our State aredependent on mixed crop-livestock farming system for their livelihood. AnimalResources Development Department thus plays a major role in supplementingfamily income and generating gainful employment in the villages, particularlyamong the landless laborers, small and marginal farmers and especially women.

The significance of the livestock sector in the economy ofour State can be judged from the fact that it contributes 4.41% of the totalSDP & 18.6% of the agricultural SDP. In last 34 months significant work hasbeen done in both the departments.

Here are the achievements of the Fisheries and AnimalResources Development departments:

SpecialAssistance to the people living below poverty line: 1.7 crores poultry-chicks,22,300 goats and 400 pigs have been distributed among the 3.6 lakh familiesliving below the poverty line.

Healthservices for livestock and chicks: 3.77 crore chicks, ducks andlivestock have been brought under the Animal Health Services and thevaccination of 4.97 crore livestock, chicks and ducks have been completed andalso 30, 017 animal health camps have been organized.

Increase inproduction, preservation of milk and milk-product

  • 18 milk chilling machines, having the capacity of 19,500liters, have been purchased with the expenditure of rupees 75.25 lakh
  • 3.05 lakh liters of milk (produced 2.6 lakh liters of milk inprevious years ) was collected and rupees 488 crores have been earned throughanimal farm
  • The reconstruction of the State Dairy has begun in Burdwan

Self-employmentScheme: Mother Dairy has engaged 2560 unemployed youths inself-employment schemes.

Live-stockInsurance: Insurance coverage at the cost of rupees 100.91 crores hasbeen provided to 3.15 lakh of livestock and 2.5 lakh of heifer of hybridvariety.  Nutritious fodder, medicine andvaccination were provided to them.

Fish forall, and fisheries in every water bodies: To conserve the nativespecies of fishes and spawning of those species in inland water-bodies,fisheries are exercised in 212 water bodies.

Developedspawns are the keys to increase in out turn: To develop the quality offingerlings, steps have been taken through all spawn producing organizations.77 lakh fingerlings had been released in large water-bodies under SocialFishery Scheme.

Conservationof Hilsa and Research Laboratory: To increase the number of Hilsa, aconservation and research laboratory had been established at Diamond Harbor

Loan toFishermen in easy terms: Scientific fisheries have been started in 3369 hectarewater bodies and loans in easy terms have been arranged under FFDA scheme.

Amendment inlaw to save water bodies: To save the water-bodies, the concerned law has beenamended and that law is now being applied in rural panchayat area.

Old-agepension of the Fishermen: 7500 aged and disabled fishermen are getting rupees1000 per month as old-age pension.

Bio-metricidentity card to sea-bound fishermen: 2.59 lakh sea-bound fishermen aregetting benefit under this scheme.

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