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April 4, 2014

We will not allow divisive politics in Bengal: Didi at Raniganj

We will not allow divisive politics in Bengal: Didi at Raniganj

Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee today addressed three rallies in support of Asansol Lok Sabha candidate Dola Sen. The last rally, which was held at Raniganj, saw a huge turnout of people although it was quite late in the evening. Ms. Banerjee was accompanied by Trinamool Rajya Sabha MP Mithun Chakraborty. Speaking about the candidate, Didi said Dola Sen was a hard worker who has been a part of many movements along with her.


Speaking before the Chairperson Mithun Chakraborty compared the economic situation in Bengal to that of a tenant. He demanded to know why a new tenant should pay the dues of an old tenant. Slamming the Left for incurring huge debt, Mithun said he agreed to become an MP because he sincerely believes Didi is doing good work in Bengal. Mithun Chakraborty also slammed the BJP for their seasonal appearances only during elections. He raised the slogan: Har ghar Didi, baar baar Didi.

During her speech, the Chairperson came down heavily with the communal policies of BJP and why Bengal model of governance is better than Gujarat. She also slammed the secret understanding between CPI(M), Congress and the BJP to defeat Trinamool. She also slammed the Centre for not providing funds to Bengal. She also highlighted the developmental work the Government has been doing despite the paucity of funds.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:


I thank you all for waiting till such late hour, only to listen to me. Earlier the Left Front would not even allow us to hold meetings and rallies in this district. Memari, Raina, Pandua, Manteswar – there are many places where polls were rigged, Opposition had no voice. You voted Left out of power in 2011. Now is the time to completely rout them. Our slogan in 2011 was Bodla noy, Bodol chai (change, not revenge). We have followed that in letter and spirit.

Congress and BJP have a huge money power. We don`t. But we have honour and people`s support. The Opposition has no other work but to appear on TV shows and criticise us. What positive work they have done? The CPI(M) incurred debts and now the Centre is taking away our money. Why did they not stop the Left from borrowing? We have been generating more revenue every year. But the Centre has taken away Rs 76000 crores for debt repayment.

The Centre does not release funds for JNNURM, 100-days job scheme. The Centre has hiked the prices of diesel, petrol, LPG, coal, fertilisers. Kitchen of common people is on fire. The Centre has set a record in scams – from 2G to coal scam. They have sold out the country. The CPI(M) deprived an entire generation of the right to study English. They are all the same. A party of riots can never come to power in Centre.

The CPI(M), BJP and Congress have come together to defeat the Trinamool. I can give my life for Ma, Mati, Manush. I will never leave the side of Ma, Mati, Manush. We work for the people because we care for them, not for money. The Congress and BJP came together to form Telangana. They blocked live proceedings and did not allow any voting. Bengal will reply to the parties in a fitting manner if they try to divide this state.

Irrespective of which state you live, which religion you follow, we are all one. This is India`s culture. A leader must lead by example. We must follow our religion but respect other religions too. India is a great nation. Divisive politics should not be allowed here. A true leader should be acceptable to all.

BJP only makes an appearance during elections and plays divisive politics. BJP cannot be seen during Durga Puja or Holi or Kali Puja. I offer puja as well as attend Eid celebration. We should shun divisive politics and riots in India. Do not fall for the conspiracies hatched by some sections of the society who want to encourage riots for votes.

During riots after Babri demolition, I toured the whole city. But those in power that time, stayed in their offices. Why should political parties dictate what one should eat – vegetarian or non-veg food? Why should they decide what we should wear? The CPI(M)-Congress-BJP have become one. They cannot win elections by using violent means. Bengal is a land of stalwarts. We have a strong culture and heritage. We will not allow riots here.

The Left only set up 3 colleges in Bengal. In just two and a half years, we have set up 31 colleges. We have set up a police commisionerate here. Law and order has improved. We will reform the coal mines, make them more labour-friendly if we come to power. We have set up an airport at Andal and a university at Asansol named after Kazi Nazrul Islam. We have started 8 universities in just two and half years. CPI(M) distributed only 12000 pattas in 2009-10. We have distributed 2 lakh pattas in two and half years. We have set up 35 SNCUs in two and half years. Left set up only 6 in 34 years.

Asansol has been declared a Health District. The Left Front Government completely neglected Asansol region for 34 years. We have proper plan for development. There are several agitations against land acquisition in Gujarat. After 2011, we have stopped forcible acquisition. We resolved the issue of land acquisition for NTPC project in Katwa without using force. An industrial estate is coming up at Durgapur. It will bring in investment for Rs 12,000 crore. Modernisation of IISCO and Chittaranjan Locomotive Works started because of me.

We quit UPA when they hiked the prices of LPG cylinders. The Centre hiked the prices of petrol, diesel, fertilisers. We have protested every time. We have launched a financial assistance scheme for girls called Kanyashree. It will encourage them to pursue education. We have started employment bank, Yuvashree scheme for the youth.

Bengal and Gujarat cannot be compared. They have a very small population. Bengal`s population is largely poor. They also received a lot of Central funds after 2001 earthquake. Bengal, not Gujarat, is India`s model. Our growth rate of revenue earning is 31%. For Gujarat it is 15%.

Jangalmahal is smiling. Darjeeling is smiling. Peace prevails in my State. 80 Fast Track courts have been started in Bengal. 19 Human Rights Court have been set up. 26 women`s police station and 45 women`s courts are coming up in Bengal. Certain media houses are deliberately supporting other parties with biased news. No other state can match the potential of Bengal. Only 6 lakh students used to get scholarships in Left regime. We have extended that to 57 lakh students. We have started reservations for backward classes. We have increased number of seats. General category will not be touched.

Vote for change at the Centre. Trinamool will decide the next government. Stay well, stay safe. Ensure Trinamool wins maximum seats from Bengal.

Jai Hind. Vande Mataram.