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April 18, 2014

Time has come for Poriborton in Maldah: Trinamool Chairperson at Farakka

Time has come for Poriborton in Maldah: Trinamool Chairperson at Farakka

Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee today campaigned for the party`s candidate in the South Maldah constituency, Dr Moazzem Hossain. During her speech, she urged people to shun Congress and CPI(M) and vote for Trinamool. The Chairperson said that despite winning successive elections in the region, Congress MPs never worked for the people. She promised to work for the development of Maldah and Murshidabad if elected.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:


As you all know, I met with an accident yesterday. In spite of that, I have come here to hold this rally. These meetings are really important as you have come all the way and had been waiting. I am happy that I could come here and meet you. I welcome you all.

Farakka is an important place. This is an industrial town. In the past we were in alliance with the Congress and did not field candidates here. But now we are fighting alone. Farakka needs development and we will do a lot of work here.


We used to work for Congress. But we left Congress and formed Trinamool Congress when it sold itself to the CPI(M) in Bengal. We understood that Congress would do nothing against CPI(M); the Left would still be ruling in Bengal if Trinamool Congress was not formed. There are some Congress leaders who win elections and then never do any work. You have seen 34 years of Left rule and 66 years of Congress rule. They have not done any work.


In the last two and a half years, we have worked hard for the people. Our Government has already created reservation for the minority communities in education and jobs. We have allotted money for setting up a medical hub in Maldah. Kisan bazaars, marketing hubs and polytechnics are being set up in every block, ITIs are coming up in every sub-division. A new coal mine will come up in Birbhum where a lot of employment opportunities will be created.


Water level is decreasing in Ganga. The barrage needs renovation. Water is being given away to neighbouring countries without our consent. If water level keeps decreasing, Farakka will soon have drinking water problems. Irrigation and the ports in Kolkata will suffer. I wrote to the Prime Minister when extra water was being released. There are people who do not want Bengal to prosper and hence are deliberately doing these things.


We do not buy votes with money. Our work for the people will win us votes. Even a millionaire has one vote just like a labourer. Money cannot buy votes.


The Congress led government at the Centre has failed the people. They have done nothing for the people. They are taking away our hard earned money. Had it not been the case, I could have created more employment opportunities. The Left Front government incurred debts and the Centre is taking away all our revenue. The Left Front ruled using violence and muscle power. They unleashed a reign of terror. Why did the Centre not stop the Left from borrowing money?


The Congress MPs from Maldah have failed to raise their voice regarding local issues in the Parliament. Barkat da was a great leader. His family members are exploiting his name for votes. They can only be seen during the elections. In 2011, we had an alliance with Congress. Yet they fielded Independent candidates against us. Nobody spares those who betray the trust of others.


The Congress and BJP are one and the same. Congress, CPI(M) and BJP have a secret understanding to cut our votes. Congress and BJP came together to divide Andhra. Now they want to divide Bengal. BJP says one thing in the Hills and something else in the plains regarding division of Bengal. Bengal has a tradition of communal harmony.

Congress gave a go ahead to FDI in retail. Congress raised the price of cooking gas from Rs 450 to Rs 900. They increased the prices for fertilizers, coal, fuel etc. Congress and BJP have sold the country. CPI(M) has destroyed Bengal.


We have served people to the best of our ability. We have started Kanyashree scheme. Girls will be encouraged to pursue education through this scheme. We have started Yuvashree scheme for the youth.

We do not have any elected representative from Maldah. Time for Poriborton has come. Everyone must come together to vote for Trinamool for the progress of Bengal.