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April 13, 2014

Paid news will not help the Opposition in winning: Trinamool Chairperson at Siliguri

Paid news will not help the Opposition in winning: Trinamool Chairperson at Siliguri
While addressing a rally at Siliguri today, Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee slammed the BJP for trying to fuel separatist movements in North Bengal. She said that as long as she was alive, such conspiracies will never bear fruition. Ms. Banerjee also told the audience that BJP was an opportunist party that made an appearance only during elections and played divisive politics. She called for unity of Bengal and restoring the pride of the State at the Centre.
Excerpts from the Chief Minister`s speech:
In the last two and half years, we have worked for the people of North Bengal to the best of our ability. We promised to set up a Mini Secretariat in North Bengal. We delivered within one and half years. We have developed Gazaldoba as a tourist hub. Industrial estates are coming up in North Bengal. We do not want North Bengal to lag behind in development.

Some parties want to divide Bengal. We will never allow that. I will fight for the unity of Hills and plains till the last breath. Some politicians can only be seen during election season and indulge in divisive politics. CPI(M) is na ghar ka, na ghat ka. BJP wants to divide the State. Congress has no ideology. They are opportunists. Congress appeases Muslims. What have they done for minorities in all the years after independence?

We participate in Durga Puja, Eid, Christmas as well as Guru Parab. They cannot run Gujarat, and they want to win in Bengal. A person with the blood of innocents killed in riots on his hands can never become the PM. CPI(M)-Congress-BJP have formed a nexus to defeat us. They cannot defeat us with paid news in some sections of the media.

The Congress kept increasing the prices of fuel, fertilisers, cooking gas. Only we protested. Jangalmahal is smiling. Darjeeling is smiling. They are national models. MSME sector has grown by 105% in Bengal. In Gujarat the growth was only 50%. We have started many projects for the girls. Kanyashree scheme is one such scheme. Out of every 1000 children, Gujarat has infant mortality rate of 42. Bengal’s rate is 31.

We are fighting elections alone. But we are fighting with dignity, honour and honesty. We have a grand alliance with the people of Bengal. Congress and BJP formed a syndicate to break Andhra. We will not allow that in Bengal. We will build Trinamool Congress as a National party. The Opposition only gives gyan. When they were in power, they ruined the State.

I have held 54 administrative meetings in the districts in the last two and a half years. The Opposition never stepped out of Kolkata. TV channels won’t vote, people will. Paid news will not help the Opposition in the long run. Let the Opposition carry out its malicious propaganda. People trust us. I work for the people. They are my assets. I have struggled all my life for them. I do not seek any luxuries or financial assets. People are my assets.

CPI(M) distributed only 12000 land pattas in 2 years. We have distributed 2 lakh pattas in two and a half years. We have established 8 universities. How may did the Left set up in 34 years? Only two. The Centre is taking away a major part of our revenues. Yet we have not stopped any services. We have started Yuvashree scheme. One lakh youth can register their names in the employment bank. We have set up 5 new Police Commissionerates to improve law and order situation. 26 women’s police stations, 19 human rights courts, 80 fast-track courts have been set up.

The leader of the country should be acceptable to all. Gandhiji, Netaji, Maulana Azad, Ambedkar, Bhagat Singh – they are true leaders. Some claim to be leaders of Hindus. Some claim to be leaders of Muslims. But no one wants to lead India. Some parties are running marketing campaigns worth crores on Facebook. My page is managed by only one person.

We are clear about our policies. We cannot allow FDI in retail. That will kill the unorganised sector in India. Centre wanted to deprive North Bengal of drinking water and irrigation facilities by giving away Teesta water. I can never betray people. I cannot be intimated by blackmail tactics. Political killings have come down drastically in Bengal. No one gives us credit for that.

The Opposition has a plan to divide people on religious lines to get votes. Help me defeat them. We have to help Bengal get her due respect from the Centre. Trinamool Congress will decide the next Government at Centre.

I chant the Durgastotram during Durga Puja and recite the Quran during Eid. I visit Gurdwara during Guru Parab and go for the midnight Mass during Christmas. Every vote is precious. Vote for the unity of Bengal on 17th April. I wish you all Subho Nababorsho in advance. We initially thought we will win 35-36 seats. Now, people want us to win in all 42 seats.

She also raised the following slogans:


বোতাম টিপবেন এখানে, দিল্লি দখল করব ওখানে।


এক, দুই, তিনসিপিএম কে রাজনৈতিক ভাবে বিদায় দিন।


মা বোনেরা বেঁধে জোট, জোড়াফুলকে সব ভোট।


ছাত্র যুব  বেঁধে জোট, জোড়াফুলকে সব ভোট।


হিন্দুমুসলিম বেঁধে জোট, জোড়াফুলকে সব ভোট।


হরে কৃষ্ণ হরে হরে, তৃনমূল ঘরে ঘরে।


বাংলা দেখাবে পথ, বাংলাই দেশের ভবিষ্যত।