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April 11, 2014

Voting for BJP means voting for division of Bengal: Trinamool Chairperson at Chopra

Voting for BJP means voting for division of Bengal: Trinamool Chairperson at Chopra

Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee today addressed a rally at Chopra in North Dinajpur district, where she campaigned in favour of party`s candidate for Darjeeling constituency, Bhaichung Bhutia. She asked people to shun the divisive politics of BJP. She vowed to fight for the unity of Bengal till her last breath.

Speaking before the Chairperson, Bhaichung Bhutia said he did not need a certificate of “bhoomiputra” from BJP candidate SS Ahluwalia. He has played for Bengal and India for 14 years and represented the region in true sense.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:

I welcome all of you. Thank you for making it to the rally despite the heat.


I will be campaigning in Dinhata, Alipurduar, Jalpaiguri tomorrow. I will go to the Hills on Sunday. A lot of developmental work is going on in these areas. Everyone must be united against the division of Bengal. I want both the people of the plains and the Hills to stay well. The BJP is trying to divide Bengal. Make sure they do not get a single seat from the state.


There are some leaders who make an appearance only during the polls. BJP-Congress-CPI(M) have a secret understanding. Voting for BJP means voting for division. Congress has sold off the country. CPI(M) is na ghar ka na ghat ka.


CPI(M) has not done anything for the Hills. We work for all. We do not discriminate. We respect every religious community. We have fulfilled the demands of the common people. We started Urdu, Hindi and Santhali schools to respect the demands of the minorities and tribal people. We are setting up ITIs, colleges, polytechnic colleges in these areas, at block and subdivision levels. We have introduced reservations for minorities and backward classes without touching the General seats.


Congress has increased the price of fuel, fertilizers, LPG and all essential commodities. We quit the UPA when they brought FDI in retail. We cannot betray the people. We chose to be beside common people and left the ministerial posts.


We have started Kanyashree project to encourage girls to pursue higher education. We gave land pattas, Kisan Credit Cards, scholarships to the needy. We are setting up 500 marketing hubs. We are upgrading facilities at North Bengal Medical College.


The Centre is taking away all the money we are earning. The Left Front Government incurred debts and we are paying for them. Despite the financial crunch, we are giving all services to the people. From self-help groups to para-teachers, we are securing the livelihood of everybody. We have given many jobs in civic police force. We have started police stations for women. We have started human rights courts, fast-track courts.


We will demand our right from Delhi. We need show our strength to Delhi through our ballots.

 Hum ladai karte hai, toh ho jate hai badnam. Woh qatal bhi karde, toh charcha nahi hota hai.


This election is to uphold our rights. This election is to challenge Delhi. This election is to counter those who want to divide Bengal. CPI(M)-Congress-BJP are one and the same. Voting for one means voting for the other.


We are not fighting alone. People are with us. We have your support. The youth are the future of our country. They have to come forward to build a better nation. From women to farmers, we have the support of all.


BJP should understand people do not elect the PM. They elect MPs, who then select the PM. One man is dreaming of becoming the PM. He should first get a majority in Lok Sabha. Nobody has the right to insult the people of Bengal. Those who have blood of riots on their hands can never become the leader of the nation.


We do not want riots or destruction. We want peace. We do not want violence. We want progress. Let us live in peace. Let us stay united. Vote for peace, progress and development on 17th April. Vote for Trinamool. Vote for joraphool.