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April 18, 2014

Mamata Banerjee alleges conspiracy to kill her: PTI report

Mamata Banerjee alleges conspiracy to kill her: PTI report

Dismissing the possibility of a short-circuit in her hotel room at Maldah that sparked a fire, Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee on Friday alleged there was a conspiracy to kill her and said in the event of her death she would be reborn again “among the people”.

“These people do not want the good of Bengal. After killing me it would be passed on as a short-circuit” as an accidental death. Planning is on,” she said at an election meeting in Birbhum district returning to campaigning after being taken ill after the fire yesterday.

“But know it that the more you to try to character assassinate me and kill me I will be born again among the people,” she said without identifying the conspiring forces.

“You cannot stop me from working for the people,” she added.

Earlier, before leaving Maldah by helicopter Ms. Banerjee told reporters that she was administered oxygen and saline last night after she felt suffocation on account of exposure to smoke.

“But now it is the election time. So I cannot cancel. I am compelled to carry on the campaign,” she said.

Asked whether doctors had advised rest, Ms. Banerjee said, “They have said, but do I listen?”

Narrating the sequence of events, Ms. Banerjee said she heard a loud sound when she was in the washroom. The room was engulfed in smoke and there was no visibility. She called out to her aide Joydeep who wrapped her in a blanket before escorting her out of the room, she said.

Mamata said that the fire brigade officials had told her that it was a deadly gas and one could die by inhaling it.

Trinamool National spokesman and Rajya Sabha member Derek O`Brien said, “We are thankful to the Almighty that Mamata Banerjee is in a position to carry on with her all election programmes today despite the trauma she experienced when a fire broke out in Maldah. We would like to place on record our thanks to people across Bengal and the nation who expressed their concern and kept her in their prayers.”