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April 8, 2014

Trinamool Chairperson bats for peace and development in Purulia

Trinamool Chairperson bats for peace and development in Purulia

Addressing a rally at Kotshila in Purulia district, the Trinamool Chairperson today congratulated the people of Purulia for the prevailing peaceful conditions in the district. She also iterated that under no circumstances will there be any tolerance of incidents of violence. She laid stress on developing Purulia as a tourist destination and talked about all-round development of the state.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:

My dear brothers and sisters, thank you for coming here despite the heat. I welcome you all.


Peace has been restored in Purulia. We have tied up with Japan to provide drinking water to people in Purulia. The project cost us Rs 1200 crore.  Gone are the days of politics with bullets. Now we are a model to the nation. If anybody tries to disturb the peace of Jangalmahal, people will not spare them.


A section of people are asking you to boycott the election. File your complaint against them, there is nothing to fear. Days of violence and reign of terror of the CPI(M) are over. In democracy, people vote freely and fearlessly. Earlier there used to be 500-600 deaths in Jangalmahal every year. Democracy has been restored in Jangalmahal. Whenever I visit Jangalmahal, people tell me they feel safe now.


Do not vote for Congress. They are hiking prices of everything. We have restored peace in Jangalmahal and Darjeeling. Won`t allow anyone to disturb peace anymore. BJP talks of small states. What have they done for Jharkhand? There have been 9 governments in 13 years, there have been no development.


We gave 28 lakh Kisan Credit Cards, 2 lakh pattas, 2.5 lakh cycles to girl students. We are building marketing hubs in every district, so that people get employment. We have introduced reservation for backward classes and minorities without touching general seats.


I went to Tripura for campaign. The CPI(M) tried to disrupt our meetings. Why is the EC not taking action against hoardings and banners of Opposition? Why is there action against only my party? I am being targeted because of my humble background. I am the only person who protested when everybody kept silent. I know what the Constitution says. I respect the Constitution.


We have started Kanyashree scheme for girls. They will get financial assistance to pursue education. One lakh youths can sign up in employment bank. Once they get jobs, another one lakh can sign up. Folk artists and cultural performers are being honoured. Our team of Chhau dancers got first prize at Republic Day parade. We have started schools with Al-Chiki script as medium of instruction.


We are setting up a multi super speciality hospital in Purulia. Fair price medicine shops have been set up. We have started ambulance services to ferry pregnant ladies to hospitals for delivery from remote areas. We are setting up ITIs in every block. Polytechnic colleges are being set up in every subdivision.  Film shoots are taking place in these areas because now there is peace. We are setting up a tourism circuit in Purulia with Ayodhya Hills as focus. Raghunathpur has received huge investments.


CPI(M) incurred huge debts. Centre is taking away major share of our revenue. Yet, we are working for the people. We have started ambulance services to ferry pregnant ladies to hospitals for delivery from remote areas. No matter how many tricks and blackmail tactics they use, I will not stop working for people.


Our farmers are getting proper price for their crops. We have set up Kisan Mandis. We have started cultivation of onions in these not-so-fertile lands. Agricultural institutes are being set up in these areas. 1.42 lakh families have got electricity. We have given houses to BPL families under Geetanjali scheme. Local people will get jobs here. Everything takes time, but we are doing our best.


I will not tolerate any insult to Bengal. The more they attack us, the more they hatch conspiracies, the stronger our joraphool will be. I have been struggling all my life. I will keep struggling for the love I get from the people.  Now we can say that we will get all the 42 seats in Bengal.


I respect all religions. I celebrate Durga Puja, Adivasi festivals as well as Eid and Christmas. I am honoured that the tribal community is felicitating me today at Mukutmanipur. I never discriminate against anyone based on religion.


CPI(M)-BJP-Congress have come together to divide votes, so that we are defeated. I want all to work as hard as I do. This will result in proper development of the state. Let us work for the future generation. We have reserved 50% seats for women in Panchayats.


 I urge you all to vote for Trinamool Congress, to build a better Bengal.