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April 25, 2014

UNICEF to partner with West Bengal Government in implementing Kanyashree scheme

UNICEF to partner with West Bengal Government in implementing Kanyashree scheme

UNICEF ((United Nations Children's Fund) has become a partner of the West Bengal Government for the implementation of Kanyashree scheme. The State Government had launched a novel scheme for the development and well-being of the girl child. The objective is to instill confidence among them, to encourage their education, and to discourage their early marriage.

This scheme is aimed at retention of adolescent girls within the educational system and preventing child marriage and trafficking. It has also empowered the young girls as now they have their own bank accounts.

Not surprising, therefore, that many organizations in the country and abroad have appreciated the scheme for its innovative approach.

About the scheme

It was launched on 1st October, 2013, and the response has been so huge that within six months, nearly 13 lakh 20 thousand girls have registered and more than 8 lakh 73 thousand have already received benefits under Kanyashree.

In terms of simplicity, transparency and outreach, Kanyashree scheme is unique and first of its kind in India. Not only can an applicant apply for the scheme in her school, madrassah, vocational training centre or wherever she is studying, for transparency purpose, the entire scheme can be accessed online on a dedicated website –

About the partnership

The partnership between UNICEF and West Bengal Government is not a superficial involvement but a technical partnership. UNICEF has decided to hire a premium agency with the best expertise in India to do a “baseline survey” regarding the scheme. This will be followed by an “impact assessment”, to be funded by UNICEF.

Bengal model of development

Trinamool Congress has been campaigning for the general elections on the plank of development. During the last three days, West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamata Banerjee herself listed three amazing success stories of her Government on Facebook.

The State plan expenditure and capital expenditure have risen by 35% and 48% respectively in 2013-14, which signifies asset creation in the form of roads, bridges, schools, ITIs etc. West Bengal has also secured the first position among states in terms of expenditure for employment generation under 100-Days Work Scheme. The Opposition has no answer to these narratives of progress and prosperity and will try to divert the attention with other issues, but the surge of development will continue.

Parting thought

After the successful rollout of the Kanyashree scheme in Bengal, it is a matter of time for it to become a national model. The old saying “What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow” has been proven right once again.

Image: WB CM distrbuting Kanyashree certificates during the launch of the scheme