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April 27, 2014

CBI has become Congress Bureau of Investigation: Trinamool Chairperson at Howrah

CBI has become Congress Bureau of Investigation: Trinamool Chairperson at Howrah

Trinamool Chairperson addressed two rallies in Howrah district today in support of the party candidate Prasun Banerjee. He was elected to the Lok Sabha in a by-election after the tragic demise of Ambica Banerjee. Trinamool Chairperson today slammed the Opposition for their malicious campaigns against the Government and said that people will give a fitting reply to them through ballots. She also highlighted the developmental work done by her Government for Howrah. Trinamool Chairperson mentioned that it was Trinamool led West Bengal Government that decided to shift the Secretariat from Writers` Building to Nabanna in Howrah.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:


My dear brothers and sisters of Howrah, thank you for waiting so patiently in this heat. I wish you all Shubho Noboborsho. For the last one and half years, we have been campaigning in every district, despite the heat wave. Our only aim is to connect to people. The weather is becoming worse by the day. The temperature is rising. So, we have brought summer vacations forward. Elections are not in our hands. We have to fight elections in the scorching heat.

After Ambika Da`s tragic death, you elected Prasun as MP. We are thankful to you. Howrah is the second biggest city in Bengal after Kolkata. It was neglected for decades. We have put in our best efforts to solve the drinking water problems. We have taken the historic decision to shift the Secretariat to Nabanna in Howrah. We prepared the infrastructure in Nabanna in record 3 months. We have beautified the eastern gateway to Kolkata around the airport. I have instructed the newly elected Mayor of Howrah to expedite developmental work.

 The previous Government got 34 years to work for the people. They failed to deliver. We allotted Rs 100 crore for the development of Howrah. We have to build the infrastructure for the development of Howrah. Underground drainage system and supply of drinking water are the biggest areas to work on in this district.

Howrah is a cosmopolitan city. People of all caste, creed, religion live here peacefully. We do not believe in divisive politics. We do not discriminate based on language or religion. Bengal`s culture is pluralistic. Bengal led the nation`s struggle for freedom. Some parties indulge in divisive politics just before elections. Just before elections, the BJP starts profiling people as Bengalis and Non-Bengalis. They target people from Bihar and UP. We love Hindus as well as Muslims. We love Bengalis and non Bengalis.

A leader who does not respect his own wife, cannot respect the nation. I am dedicated towards working for the downtrodden. I work for the poor. True progress means upliftment of the backward sections of the society. Despite the financial crunch, we are providing rice at Rs 2/kilo to 3.2 crore people. Despite the fund crunch we have spent Rs 5500 crore for 100-Days work scheme. Gujarat spent only Rs 500 crore. In two and half years, we have built toilets in 92% schools in the State. We started Nirmal village project.

 A certain leader is only beating his own trumpet about development, with the help of few media houses. A hot air balloon of development has been created by a leader. It will burst soon. We have started Kanyashree scheme for the empowerment of girls. Infant mortality rate in Bengal is 31 out of 1000 children. In Gujarat it is 42. There were only 6 SNSUs in Bengal. We set up 36 more. We opened more than 200 new SNCUs.

People of Bengal are poor. Most of them belong to unorganized sector. In Delhi you get fish curry and rice for Rs 200. But in Bengal it costs only Rs 20. Small roadside shops of Bengal are much better than the luxurious malls elsewhere. People who have never lived in Bengal, who do not know the State`s history are now lecturing us.

The leader of the nation should be inclusive, someone who loves and respects everyone. A leader must be like Gandhiji or Netaji. They united everyone. People who have the stain of riots on their hands can never become the leader of the nation. Congress is responsible for the pitiable condition India is in. When we were in Congress, we were always sidelined because we protested. Finally we formed Trinamool.

CPI(M)-Congress-BJP are playing a got-up match. Congress and BJP came together to create Telangana. They didn`t allow our demand of Division of votes in Parliament.

Some people start talking about chit funds as soon as elections approach. Chit funds first surfaced in Bengal in 1980. Who was in power then? Who had the Government at the Centre when these chit funds were created? Either Congress or BJP. State Govt has no power to act against chit funds. The Centre has been sitting on our Bill against chit funds. We don`t need money from chit funds to run our party. If someone from my party has links with chit funds, I will take action.

The Centre is taking away a major share of our revenue income. How will we carry on with the developmental work? The higher the growth in our revenue collection, the greater amount of money the Centre took away. We have allotted Rs 1000 crore for Kanyashree and Yuvashree schemes. How will we pay salaries? How will we build schools, college, roads, and hospitals? We have been harassed by the Centre for 3 years. But they cannot intimidate me. Despite all the hardship, we have been able to take Bengal forward.

The BJP wanted to divide Bengal. They wanted to separate Darjeeling. We will never allow that. Everyone in Bengal lives in harmony. We celebrate Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Eid as well as Chhat Puja. CPI(M) is banking on Congress and BJP to cut votes so that they can win. CPI(M) turned Bengal into a graveyard during its 34 years of rule.

CPI(M) raises fingers at us over chit funds. Their own mouthpiece published ads from Saradha. Some people want CBI investigation. Earlier I respected CBI. Not anymore. CBI is Congress Bureau of Investigation. Rabindranath`s Nobel prize was stolen from Santiniketan. CBI has failed to retrieve it. CBI has failed to complete investigation in Nandigram case, Netai carnage, Gyaneshwari accident. CBI has failed to provide justice in Tapasi Malik rape and murder case.

We got Sudipta Sen arrested from Kashmir. We formed a Judicial Commission to return money to investors. We framed a law to take action against chit funds. They sent it back with a few changes. We made changes and sent the Bill back to Union Govt. They are sitting over it. Centre should answer why prices of all essential commodities are increasing. People will answer the malicious campaign of the Opposition through ballots. We will not Centre to interfere in the affairs of the State.

We have not forgotten how Left chopped off the wrists of a person for voting for Congress at Amta. The Left does not want Bengal to progress. They do not want peace. The Left filled its coffers at the cost of the people of Bengal. The Opposition has no other work except attending panel discussions on TV studios. Certain sections of the media have become His Master`s Voice. They parrot what parties want them to say. This is political vendetta. Nothing else. As long as I live, I will work for the people. Their pressure tactics will not work on me.

Jangalmahal is smiling now. Maoist violence has completely stopped. It is a national model now. Fair price medicine shops are now a national model. We have implemented all recommendations of the Sachar Committee.

 In the last 66 years there were only 38 colleges in Bengal. Now we have started 31 colleges. In 34 years, the Left set up only 1 university. We have set up 8 new universities in two and half years. We are setting up multi super specialty hospitals and 50 fair price diagnostic centres. People can now afford costly treatments at a low price. Health services are provided at a low cost. We hold a meeting of the task force to control prices of vegetables every week. Bengal is fairing better than Gujarat and other states in several sectors. But our good work is ignored.

As Railway Minister I initiated so many projects. After we left UPA, all the projects have been stopped. BJP wants to divide Bengal. CPI(M) has destroyed Bengal. Congress has neglected Bengal. Congress-BJP-CPI(M). They are all the same. Shame shame.

Bless us with your votes. We will usher in a surge of development. We will establish Trinamool as a National Party. If Congress and BJP come together, they will sell off Bengal like they did for Andhra. Some people are saying, BJP is spending Rs 5000 crore on advertisement alone. Where are they getting the money? I was in NDA because I respected Atal ji. I do not respect the current leaders of the party.

Our party is of the people, for the people and by the people. We work for Ma, Mati, Manush. My struggle is for building a better future for the youth of Bengal. This is the fight to safeguard Bengal`s honour at Centre.

We have to claim our right. We are not alone. We are fighting these elections with the people of Bengal as our allies.