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April 7, 2014

Mamata cough syrup – An unwarranted gimmick

Mamata cough syrup – An unwarranted gimmick

Come election season, several businesses try to cash in on the campaign frenzy with gimmicks and marketing tricks. From sarees to sweets – not a single product has been left untouched by the election fever.

A pharmaceutical company has joined the fray by naming medicines after a few leaders from the two big national parties. And the name of the Chairperson of the Trinamool Congress has also not been spared. After Ragaflame and NaMoni, they have named a cough syrup after Ms. Mamata Banerjee, hoping her name will get buyers interested in their product.

A popular marketing consultant has said that this is an innovative approach in marketing and the response from the users has been magnificent. However, Trinamool Congress is strongly against such gimmicks for temporary gains. A senior MP of the party has commented, “Didi is the only leader from Bengal with a huge national following. It is natural that people will try to commercially exploit her name. But this is not done. This is a plain gimmick.”

Speaking to the Trinamool web team a journalist who did not wish to be named said, “What if the medicine does not work or shows some harmful side-effects? Mamata Banerjee`s name will be sullied in that case. These gimmicks are completely unwarranted.”