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April 19, 2014

North Dinajpur needs true poriborton: Didi at Chakulia

North Dinajpur needs true poriborton: Didi at Chakulia

Trinamool Chairperson today called for poriborton in North Dinajpur district at a rally in Chakulia. She said that despite having a Congress MP and a Congress led government at the Centre, the district has been neglected. She added that the Left and the Congress came together to form the Zilla Parishad. She listed the initiatives of the West Bengal Government for North Dinajpur district and said more developmental projects are in the pipeline.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:

I welcome all who are present here. I have come here a bit early. I like to be present early and I like to complete any work before the scheduled time. I always like to deliver before time and keep my promise. In spite of the scorching sun, you have come here to this meeting; I thank you for your presence.


Congress runs the Government at Centre. Even your MP is from Congress. The MP can only be seen during elections. You have given chance to Congress a number of times. They did not do anything for this district. The Congress is involved in scandals, takes your votes and then vanishes for the next five years.


Although the Opposition controls the Panchayats and Zilla Parishads here, we are carrying out developmental projects. We are setting up a university at Raiganj. ITIs, marketing hubs and Kisan Bazars are being set up in every block. We have distributed 28 lakh Kisan Credit cards and have given away 2 lakh land pattas in two and a half years.


We have given scholarships to 57 lakh minority students. We are setting up polytechnic colleges in every sub-division. Two multi-super specialty hospitals are coming up in this district at Raiganj and Islampur.


Centre wants to set up AIIMS at Raiganj. Why didn`t they do it? We cannot forcibly acquire land for them. We had offered them land at other places. We are setting up model schools, English medium madrassahs. We have given second language status to Urdu and Hindi.


We want to encourage girls to pursue education. So we have started Kanyashree scholarship scheme. We have started Yuvashree scheme for unemployed youth. One lakh people can register their names in employment banks. When they get jobs, another one lakh youth will be registered.


The Centre has stopped giving us funds. The jute industry in North Dinajpur is suffering. Centre has increased the prices of fertilizers, petrol, diesel, coal, cooking gas. People now have to buy cooking gas at Rs 900 instead of Rs 450. They brought FDI in retail to kill the small traders. We left UPA when they did it but never left the side of the people. We work for the people. We cannot betray them for the sake of power.


BJP-Congress-CPI(M) have money power. A section of the media supports them. We had an alliance with Congress in 2011. We helped them win. But Congress betrayed us and put up Independents and helped the Left to win. If you want development and employment, vote for Trinamool Congress in these elections.


We want CPI(M)-Congress-BJP to lose. Ensure our victory. For 34 years the Left kept making promises but did not do anything. They will take your votes and then implicate you in false cases. We believe in harmony between all religions, just like what Sri Ramakrishna preached.


We left Congress and formed Trinamool when the party sold itself to the Left. The Left could be defeated only because Trinamool Congress was formed. The Congress could have never done that. Congress is the partner of CPI(M). There has not been any poriborton here. The CPI(M) is thinking that there candidate might win because of vote division. Their tricks will not work anymore.


BJP and Congress have a secret understanding. They have already teamed up over the Telangana issue. Now they want to divide Bengal. CPI(M) is also with them. We want to give political farewell to the BJP, CPI(M) and Congress.


Centre is depriving Bengal of funds. We do not have money to even pay salaries. Yet we are working for you. We have to snatch our right from the Centre. No government can be formed without our support. You must ensure Trinamool`s victory if you want progress of Bengal. Vote for the joraphool symbol. It symbolizes communal harmony between Hindus and Muslims. I have faith on the youth of Bengal. You are the future of the State.


Vote for change. Vote for peace. Jai Hind.