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April 29, 2014

Plans to divide the people of Bengal will not succeed: Didi at Burrabazar

Plans to divide the people of Bengal will not succeed: Didi at Burrabazar

Trinamool Chairperson today addressed three rallies in support of the party candidate Sudip Bandyopadhyay at Burrabazar, Rajabazar and Beleghata. At Burrabazar and Rajabazar, she spoke at length about the unity of the various communities living in Bengal. 

She said that some leaders are trying to drive a wedge between people based on religion, caste or language but their plans will not succeed. She thanked the trading community for their support and cooperation. She also remarked that the leader of the nation should be inclusive and acceptable to everyone.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:

I am thankful to all my friends, brothers and sisters for coming to this rally. I wish you all Shubho Noboborsho. There is nothing new to tell about our candidate, Sudip Bandopadhyay. He is a senior leader and does not need any introduction. I am thankful to the business and trading community in Burrabazar and Satyanaryan Park area for cooperating with the government at all times. We promised to set up a new police station in this area. Work in going on. This is a very congested area. We are taking all steps to prevent fire tragedies here.


We have formed a task force to monitor the prices of commodities. We have formed a coordination committee. Business communities are part of it. When parties have no political issues, they indulge in personal attacks and malicious campaign. The party which is dreaming of forming the next Govt at Centre is indulging in personal attacks. We have shown what we can do and we do not need certificates from BJP. We have the certificate from people.


We are against FDI in retail and we left the ministerial posts to protest against it. Congress and BJP are dividing India. They did it in Telangana. Now they want to target other places. CPI(M) talks of big ideals. But they have forgotten their own principles. CPI(M) is the face and BJP and Congress are its masks. People can see through their tricks. They should stop peddling lies and talk of policies.


The BJP has come just before the elections and they want to divide Bengalis and non Bengalis. This is highly deplorable. I ask you all. Have you ever faced any discrimination because of being non-Bengalis? Some people incite riots in the name of religion or castes. They now want to drive a wedge between Bengalis and non-Bengalis. When Gujarat riots happened, we protested. We protested when people were massacred in Maharashtra.


In other parts of India, they consider anyone who speaks in Bangla as Bangladeshi. On the other hand, we always speak of communal harmony. After Gujarat earthquake, I helped in rebuilding the State as Railway Minister. Every community living in Bengal has sent letters of protest against the comments made by a leader. One man dreaming of becoming the PM wants to send Bengalis away from India.


A leader must be inclusive. One must learn to respect all communities. Was Gandhiji a leader of Hindus, Muslims or Christians? No. He was the leader of India. Netaji, Ambedkar, Maulana Azad – they were true leaders of India. A leader must work for the country. Not serve themselves.


I have not taken government accommodation. I live in a small house. I have no affinity for money. One cannot become a leader just by using money power. He may have bought the media, but he cannot buy people. Where are they getting the money to put so many ads in newspapers? They are bringing people from other States to fill their rallies. We don`t do that.


Many people migrated from across the border during Partition. That was legal. In 1971 there was Indira-Mujib pact. Before that there was the Nehru-Liyakat pact. We want our relations to be harmonious with our neighbours. But this man is burning bridges already. If he becomes PM, there will fire of discord in the country.


I participate in Chhat puja. How many times has NaMo babu attended Chhat? Has he ever had thekua during Chhat Puja? We participate in Gangasagar Mela. We organise Durga Puja. We also celebrate Eid. I can tell the different names of Ma Kali. We don`t need to learn about Hinduism from them.


To run a nation, we must accommodate people from all walks of life. Only Ram Ram is not enough. Ganesh Chaturthi, Shiv Ratri, Jagaddhatri Puja – we participate in all festivals. You are free to do your puja. Why do they have a problem if Muslims go to mosque or Sikhs go to gurdwara? Someone who cannot unite the nation can never be the leader of the country.


Indian Constitution is secular. And I stand by the Constitution. People of all communities and religions live in Bengal. To safeguard the honour and unity of Bengal, everyone must reject the BJP. When Bengal was partitioned in 1905, Rabindranath Tagore started rakhee festival between Hindus and Muslims.


Centre takes away major share of Bengal`s earning. We are paying for the sins of the Left. Gujarat`s revenue earning growth is only 15% while that in Bengal is 31%. Industrialization happened in Gujarat before he took over as CM. Growth has declined in Gujarat. Gujarat receives a lot of funds from NRIs. Atal ji gave a lot of funds to Gujarat. In 100-Days Work Scheme we spent Rs 5500 crore while Gujarat spent only Rs 500 crore for job creation. The infant mortality rate in Gujarat is 41 while in Bengal it is only 32.


I will give my life but I will never allow Bengal and India to be divided. Every Indian has the right to stay in any State they want. This is our tradition. Someone who has no control over what he speaks, how can he rule the nation? The least said about Congress, the better. They have sold the country. I protested for the trading community when Nandaram market was on fire. What has the CPI(M) done? Congress-CPI(M)-BJP have come together just for the elections.


We need a Government at Centre that cares for the people and understands the pulse of the common man. First they tried to divide Darjeeling. Now they are inciting hatred between communities. As long as I live, I will work for all. We do not make any discrimination.


Work culture in Bengal has improved. From 2007-11 the number of mandays lost was over 3 crore. Now it is nil. Peace prevails in Jangalmahal. Violence has come down to a great extent. People of Bengal want to live in peace. Peace brings prosperity. I will work for the aam janta till my last breath. CPI(M)-BJP-Congress cannot stop me. Some sections of the media are publishing fabricated news against me. I am not bothered. Our Government works with honesty and integrity.


I want to salute my brothers and sisters of the working class ahead of May day. I don`t play dirty games in politics. We also can say a lot of things. But we don`t. We know the limitations in public discourse. The fire of communal riots will engulf those who encourage it.


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