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April 7, 2014

Ready to go to jail, but will not transfer officials on EC order: WB CM at Pandua

Ready to go to jail, but will not transfer officials on EC order: WB CM at Pandua

At an election rally at Pandua held earlier today, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday questioned the Election Commission`s decision to transfer government officers. She accused it of playing into the hands of Congress and BJP and said transfers had been ordered without consulting the state government.

“I came to know this meeting that the EC has given order for transfer of five SPs without consulting state government and the names of their replacement have also been announced (by EC). I respect the Election Commission. But I will not bow down. I ask, will you only listen to what Congress will say in order to facilitate victory of Congress, BJP?” Ms. Banerjee said.

She said that she would not transfer any official as long as she is the Chief Minister and reminded the EC that it has its limitations. “Let you take the role of Chief Minister. Mamata Banerjee doesn`t care for power.”

“It is a conspiracy by a media house, central government, Congress, EC, BJP and CPI-M. I will fight alone and I don`t care for your conspiracy. I only care for the people,” she said.

The West Bengal CM said she had no objection if the EC controls the law and order. “Don`t blame Mamata Banerjee if there is any problem. Either Mamata Banerjee will look after law and order or EC will look after law and order,” she said.

“You take care of law and order then but I will not take any responsibility. I have not come to power by your mercy or Congress, she said, adding she is prepared to be arrested and go to jail. I challenge the Election Commission which I have never done before. You go and take steps in Narendra Modi`s state or from where Sonia Gandhi is contesting. After that you lay your hands on us,” she said.

Daring the EC, Ms. Banerjee said, “What will they do to me for saying this? I will be arrested and go to jail at most.”

She warned that if there was any law and order breakdown in Jangalamahal (former Maoist stronghold) after the transfers without consulting the state, the EC had to take the responsibility.

“It is the people who will vote,” she said wondering why the EC had kept silent in the last 35 years during the Left Front rule. The EC should remember that it cannot insult the masses, she said, adding it has its limitations.

In Tripura, she pointed out, the elections are being held in two days for two seats, while in Bengal the elections are not only being held in five phases but over more than two months.

“Mamata Banerjee doesn`t care for power. Power cares for Mamata Banerjee. You can do whatever you want to do. You can put me in jail. I will not shift a single SP. You better go and become Chief Minister,” the Chairperson said.