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April 23, 2014

People will give a fitting reply to Opposition`s malicious campaign regarding Saradha scam: Didi at Narayangarh

People will give a fitting reply to Opposition`s malicious campaign regarding Saradha scam: Didi at Narayangarh

Trinamool Chairperson addressed a rally at Narayangarh in Paschim Medinipur district in support of the party candidate Sandhya Roy. She reiterated that the Opposition was indulging in malicious campaigns against the Government. The smear campaign in Saradha chit fund scam was politically motivated, she added. The Chairperson furnished proofs from the dais to show that the Left Front and a section of the media benefited from Saradha money.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:


I am honoured that you all have come to this rally despite the heat wave. The temperature is over 42 degrees but still we are campaigning because elections fall in summer season. The Left used to rule by terrorising people in this region. Medinipur was a hub of violence once. After we came to power, we have started many developmental projects.

IT parks, industry hubs are coming up in Medinipur. We are setting up Krishak Bazars. 6 new hospitals are coming up in Medinipur. CPI(M)-Congress-BJP have formed a nexus this time. They want to capture Medinipur by using violence. Do not bring back the Left in Medinipur. Vote for peace and progress.

We want Medinipur to become the number one district. The Opposition is engaging in malicious campaigns. Do not believe them. Earlier 500-600 people used to be killed in Jangalmahal on an average. Now the figure is 0. Political killings have come down drastically in Bengal.

They can change any number of SP or DMs. They cannot beat us. We don`t rig polls. People vote for us. But the Left used scientific rigging methods to win. Left has lost their ground in Bengal. So their workers are working for BJP and Congress in Bengal now. We will not allow match-fixing. We want free and fair polls.

We are setting up 9 new government colleges in Medinipur. We have started fair price medicine shops. We are giving free medicines to the rural poor. Jangalmahal is smiling. People can lead their lives free from fear now. CBI has failed to deliver justice to the victims of Gyaneshwari Express accident or Netai and Nandigram massacres. BJP and Congress are spending crores on ad campaigns. People of India cannot afford two square meals.

Who allowed chit funds in Bengal? Who was in power 30 years ago? We have given back money to 4 lakh investors of Saradha scam. Another 2 lakh will get their money back. We have drafted a Bill to combat chit funds. Central Govt has not yet given their assent. The Left mouthpiece thrived on the money it got from Saradha ads. How can they accuse us? Even a media house that supports CPI(M) got ads from Saradha. Now they are raising fingers at us.

We do not run our party with money from chit funds. We got Sudipta Sen arrested from Kashmir. We even got our own MP arrested. Law will take its own course. Who was in power in the State during Sanchayita scam? How many people got their money back? Who was the CM of Bengal when Saradha was founded in 2006?

I have furnished proof of how the Left benefited from chit funds. Can they show any proof against us. People will never forgive the Left for their malicious campaigns against us. I work for the people. They are the ultimate judge of our performance. Catch me if you can as i carry on with development.

We have done a lot of work for PTTI parateachers, self-help groups, and minorities. We have distributed 2 lakh land pattas, distributed 28 lakh Kisan credit cards. We have started schemes like Kanyashree and Yuvashree for the benefit of girls and the youth.

Voting for CPI(M) means destroying Bengal. Voting for Congress means selling off India. Voting for BJP means supporting riots. The higher the number of Trinamool MPs from Bengal, the stronger will our voice at Centre be. We will not beg for alms from Centre. They will have to fall at our feet to form the next Govt. The Centre is taking away all our revenues, yet we have set up 8 new universities and 45 new colleges.

Time has come for the youth to take the pledge to transform Bengal. The youth must come forward to transform Bengal into the best State in India. Women are our assets. To encourage girls to pursue higher education we have started Kanyashree scheme. One lakh unemployed youth will get allowance under Yuvashree scheme. When they get jobs, another one lakh will be registered.

If the Centre gives us debt moratorium for one a half years, we can create 10 lakh new job opportunities. The CPI(M) filled its party funds with public money meant for development. They have ruined Bengal. We belong to a humble background and understand the pain of common people. That is why the Opposition is jealous.

We believe in communal harmony. We go to temples, mosques, church as well as gurdwara. People will give a fitting reply to the Opposition`s malicious campaigns, the neglect of the Centre. I am ready to sacrifice my life for the people.

I wish you all Shubho Noboborsho. Stay well. Stay healthy. Vote for Trinamool. Vote for joraphool.