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April 22, 2014

1000 days at a glance: Housing for all

1000 days at a glance: Housing for all

In last 34 months the government has brought several new policies, so that they can provide shelter to the homeless people of the state. The Department of Housing undertakes various activities mainly relating to the framing and implementation of various Social Housing schemes through the Directorate of Housing and West Bengal Housing Board. 

The construction work of 94,180 houses is going on under E.W.S project in rural areas for the financially weak people. 720 flats have been constructed at New Town and Rajarhat under `Gitanjali` prakalpo which will be distributed to the homeless people of those areas.

Motels for convenience of the common man

  • A plan has been undertaken to construct Motels or Passenger Facilitation Centers for convenience of the passenger at every 50 km distance beside the state highways and other important roads

  • Those Motels have been named as `Pothosathi`

  • Construction work of 12 Motels at  Raghunathpur, Karjana, Santipur, Haringhata, Krishnanagar, Diamond Harbour, Pailan, Baharampur, Nandakumar, Jamaldaha, Bagdogra and Chalsah 

    is in the final stage.

  • Construction work of further 18 Motels – Jhargram, Kharagpur, Farakka, Old Malda, Patiram, Mathapukur, Tarakeswar, Debra, Narayangarh, Pankhabari, Sukhna, Tapan, Hili, Bagnan, Rampurhat, Gaighata, Ashoknagar, and Petrapole – has been started.

Night Shelter

80 bedded `Night shelter` has been constructed at the Nilratan Sirkar Medical College and Hospital for convenience of the relatives of the patients. The construction work is at the final stage. `Night Shelter` of same kind is also being constructed at Diamond Harbour District Hospital.

Rental Hostels for the working women

Construction work of a 40 bedded hostel (Ananya) at Durgapur has been completed. One 44 bedded hostel (Sayamsiddha) at Salt Lake has been renovated. Construction of a hostel will start at Ibrahimpur and in Jadavpur

Housing for Government Employees

  • 50 thousand houses will be constructed for the Group `C` and Group `D` government employees under `Akankha` prakalpo
  • Among these, the PWD will construct 30 thousand houses and the Housing Department will construct 20 thousand houses. Primarily, 100 crore has been allotted for this purpose
  •  In this project, employees will get land at very low prices. They will also be provided with loans on easy terms and with the facility of repayment in installments
  • The construction works of 48 flats at Bishnupur and 24 flats at Diamond Harbour are over
  • The construction works of 60 flats at Khatra, 24 flats at Bachhurdoba in Jhargram and 48 flats at Ghatal, are on the way of completion
  • The construction work of the new Rental Housing Estate (G+10) at Salt Lake for the higher rank government officials has been started

Housing for police personnel – `Pratyasha`

Provision for housing for the police personnel has been arranged through `Pratyasha` Prakalpo. In this project, almost 10 thousand housings will be constructed within next three years. This project includes the facility of repayment of loans through EMI.

L.I.G./M.I.G Housing

The entire construction works of 48 flats for the people from low income group (LIG) at New Town – Rajarhat and 48 flats for the people from middle income group (MIG) are on the way of completion.

Few Noteworthy decisions

  • Entire `Quota` system has been abolished regarding flat distribution in the Housing department and in all the other undertaken departments

  • A special scheme has been made for arranging accommodation for the `Bangabibhusan` awardees, which does not have any residence in Kolkata.

  • All the information of Housing Department ( and Housing Board ( is being regularly published for the people through website.

  • Seniority based and computerized distribution of flats has been started in R.H.I, P.R.H.E and Housing Board.

  • An initiative has been taken to install online system to make the entire system more transparent.

  • Housing Board has given sanctions for distribution of flats to 608 persons from L.I.G under new `STARLIT` prokalpo and 560 persons from M.I.G. under new `MOONBEAM` prokalpo.