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April 9, 2014

People of Bengal will give a fitting reply to the Opposition through ballots: Trinamool Chairperson at Memari

People of Bengal will give a fitting reply to the Opposition through ballots: Trinamool Chairperson at Memari

Addressing a rally at Memari in Bardhaman district, Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee accused the Congress-led central government of conspiring against her government. She said that people will avenge the insult “through ballot”. She also asserted that Trinamool Congress will win all the 42 seats in Bengal and play a decisive role in the government formation at the Centre.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:

I am thankful to you all for the huge turnout. People are with us. This has made the Opposition nervous. The Opposition should know that if they insult Bengal, people will reply back through votes. If they try to use fear tactics, it will go against them. In two and a half years we have done more work than the Left did in 34 years. They gave 12000 land pattas in two years whereas we gave 2 lakh pattas in two and a half years. We have developed irrigation facilities and agricultural lands. Farmers are now getting the due price for their products.

We are proud that Bardhaman could utilize the maximum funds for the 100 days work. Industrial growth is happening in Bardhaman. No wonder CPI(M) is jealous. Bardhaman is famous for handloom industry. Even my saree comes from the tant artists in this district. The Govt. is supporting the weavers in the district by buying their products.

Trinamool Congress has expanded in Jharkhand also. We will hold the key to next Govt in that state. This will help us to do better developmental works. We have given reservation to minorities and backward classes. Why did the previous Government not do that? We have not touched General seats during reservation. Instead we have increased infrastructure.


We promised to create 50000 ponds in 5 years. We have created over 1 lakh in just two and a half years. 66 years after Independence, there were only 34 colleges in Bengal. In two and a half years we have set up 31 colleges. Only 2 universities were set up by the Left. We created 8 new universities. Kisan Bazar, ITI, fair price medicine shops, polytechnic colleges – we have set up everything. We are setting up marketing hubs where self-help groups can sell their products.


The Centre is trying to stop Bengal’s progress by taking away all our money. Political violence has stopped in Bengal. Jangalmahal is smiling. Darjeeling is smiling. BJP wants to divide Bengal. We will not allow Darjeeling to be separated. My Cabinet does not work from Kolkata. We conduct meetings in every district.


We protested whenever prices of essential commodities were hiked. We quit UPA when policies went against the people. Centre is taking away funds, yet we are working for the people. We try to manage our finances.


Our policy is not to acquire land forcibly. We gave land from our land bank for NTPC unit in Katwa. We got Rs 10000 crore investment. SAIL is setting up a big project too. A coal hub is coming up at Birbhum. 5 lakh people will get jobs. We are giving rice at Rs 2 per kilo to the poor. We also started Kanyashree scheme. Girls will get scholarships to pursue education. Yuvashree scheme has been started to give unemployment allowance to one lakh youths. When they get jobs another one lakh youths will be incorporated into the scheme. Despite the financial crisis, Bengal is surging ahead. There is peace and progress here.


We raised the slogan `bodla noy, bodol chai`. We have maintained peace. We have been courteous. The Opposition thinks that is our weakness. They are mistaken. People will give a fitting reply to the malicious campaign of the Opposition through ballots. The democratic right of people cannot be taken away by transferring a few officials. The insult to Bengal will be avenged through ballots, not bullets. If you ever see trouble brewing, inform the police immediately.


BJP divides people on the basis of religion. They should not get any seats in Bengal. We are not alone. We have your support. We will have to win 42 out of 42 seats in Bengal. We will force Delhi to stop neglecting Bengal. We have named the Andal airport after Nazrul. We have started Nazrul Academy. CPI(M) never cared to pay homage to the builders of Bengal. We have conferred Sangeet  Samman on folk artists this year. We value our culture and traditions.


We believe in communal harmony. We celebrate Durga Puja and also participate in Eid celebrations.


Banglar disha, Bharater path.


Bangla gorbe Bharater bhobiswat.