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April 18, 2014

Trinamool does not need black money to fight elections: Didi at Nalhati

Trinamool does not need black money to fight elections: Didi at Nalhati

Trinamool congress Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee addressed a rally at Nalhati in Birbhum district. While speaking, she attacked the Opposition on the chit fund issue. The Chairperson said that Trinamool does not need illegal money to fight elections. The Opposition should prove its allegations, she commented while adding that chit funds flourished in Bengal during the Left Front rule.


Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:


I have done a lot for the development of this district. Our candidate for this constituency, Satabdi Roy, has always been there for the people. The Opposition is trying every trick in the book to defeat us. Why do they fear me so much? I am an individual. And the more they try to intimidate me, the more strength I gain. Those who do not understand this simple fact, live in a fool`s paradise.


We have introduced reservations for minorities in jobs and in education. We are setting up 500 marketing hubs, which we will employment opportunity for 5 lakh people. Hospitals, colleges, large and small industries are being set up in this district. A lot of work is going on.


For farmers, we have raised the price of paddy. We are also looking into the problems faced by jute cultivators. The Central Government has raised the price of fertilizers, cooking gas, fuel and every other commodity. On the other hand, we distributed 28 lakh Kisan Credit cards so that farmers are able to take loans from banks for agricultural purposes.


The State Government is setting up three multi super speciality hospitals in the district at Rampurhat, Bolpur and Siuri. We have set up fair price medicine shops. We are building Kisan Bazars and ITIs in every block.  The Centre is taking away all our money. Yet, we are working for the people. The Opposition has money power. A section of the media is working for them.


We have not taken any money from any chit fund. Let the Opposition prove their allegations. Chit funds started in Bengal during the Left regime. Why did many media houses give ad space to chit funds? Trinamool does not work with black money. We do not need illegal money. The Opposition and a section of the media have hatched a conspiracy to stifle our voice.


The Congress has sold the country through scams. People will give a fitting reply to the Opposition for their malicious campaign. The more the Opposition tries to malign me, the greater is the rise in support of the people for me. The Opposition may try its best to malign me. I hold no grudge.

I was advised my doctors not to hold rallies today. But I made a promise to people. I could not break my commitment.


Vote for the progress of Bengal. Do not vote for Congress-CPI(M)-BJP. We are fighting alone, but fighting with dignity. We have the people by our side. Congress has deprived Bengal of funds. BJP is communal. CPI(M) has ruined Bengal. BJP has come to Bengal to divide the State. We will not allow our motherland to be divided.


Vote for Satabdi on 30th April. Press the button on joraphool symbol. Bengal will lead the way for India in future.