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April 29, 2014

1000 days at a glance – Electricity for all

1000 days at a glance – Electricity for all

Supplying electricity to all has been a focus of the West Bengal Government ever since Trinamool led Ma, Mati, Manush Government came to power. In just two years, West Bengal has increased its installed capacity base from 8,316.8 MW in 2010-11 to 9,974.1 MW in 2012-13. This shows the efforts put in by the state government to keep the power surplus state ready for 100% electrification in the years to come.

There have been some significant developments in every sphere of the power sector from generation to transmission:

Thermal Power: Initiative has been taken to construct thermal power centres with capacity of 1500 MW at Santaldih, Durgapur and Sagardighi. With the concurrence of State Government, N.T.P.C. is going to start Katwa Thermal power project (1320 MW) near Bardhman. This project will invite an investment of Rs 10000 crore. Another thermal power plant, under D.V.C., with the capacity of 2,520 MW is being constructed at Raghunathpur in Purulia.

Hydro Power: Through the Lodhama Interconnection Scheme, there will be an increase in production of 30 MW power during the dry season. With the supply of extra water from Teesta, there has been a remarkable increase in production of power under the `Teesta Canal Fall Hydel Power Scheme`.

Sabar Ghare Alo: West Bengal is one of the few states in country which supplies electricity 24X7 all throughout the year. Under the aegis of `Sabar Ghare Alo` scheme, the state government aims to supply power to every household in the state before the end of 2015-16. Due to these efforts 31 lakh BPL families have now been given electricity connections till end of January 2014. West Bengal Electricity Distribution Co. LTD. has added about 1.35 crore customers in past 34 months, which amounts to about 40000 customers every month.

Boosting the transmission infrastructure:

  • High tension: Transmission infrastructure for high tension segment has been developed through the addition of 343,000 kilowatts (kvA) in transformer capacity and construction of 887 km high tension (HT) transmission line, in last 30 months.
  • Low tension: During the same time, in case of low tension (LT) line, enhancement of 2,654,000 kilowatts (kvA)in transformer capacity and construction of new 2,51,674 km low tension line have been completed.
  • Transmission Sub-stations: Being first of such initiatives in government sector, two gas-insulated sub-stations have been installed in Salt Lake and Bagnan with a capacity of 132 kv each. Also, transmission sub-stations have been installed at 6 new locations across the state.

Better customer service: Many steps have been taken to improve services given to consumers such as monitoring system to inspect the operational health of machineries, arrangement of over 1100 mobile vans to maintain the LT and HT lines, interactive voice response system to register the grievances, system of spot billing and payment of bills through letters in many service centres.

Preparing to combat accidents: For the first time ever in India, a centralised database and data retrieval centres for providing necessary support in case of accidents, have been started in West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd.

Power Banking: The excess power produced in the state is being saved under the Power Banking scheme to be utilized in peak hours.

Awards: Because of its efforts State Power Transmission Company has got the `Power Line` 2012 award as the best power transmission company of India. Power Finance Corporation, IKRA and CARE together in a rating for 2013 have announced West Bengal State Power Transmission Company as the second best transmission company in India.

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