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April 12, 2014

Trinamool Chairperson urges people at Dinhata to shun the Left for development

Trinamool Chairperson urges people at Dinhata to shun the Left for development

Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee today talked about border enclaves and Teesta water-sharing during rally at Dinhata in Coochbehar district. She said that her government would take a view on the enclaves issue after ascertaining the wishes of the people residing in adversely possessed areas.

She urged people not to waste their votes by voting for CPI(M)-Congress-BJP. She highlighted the work done by her Government for Coochbehar district and asked people shower the party with blessings.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:


I welcome all my brothers and sisters. I have also campaigned in Dinhata earlier in 2011. Back then, we were in alliance. Now we are fighting alone.

Opposition is trying to criticize us on different grounds. BJP talks about Chhitmahal and other divisive issues only during elections. Why were they silent during the past regime. Our Government has started a survey on Chhitmahal. We will do what the people in those areas want. We will not impose any decision on them. I know what the ground reality is. We have to annihilate Congress-BJP-CPI(M) politically here.

What has the Left done for Coochbehar in all these years?  When I commit to something, I put in hundred per cent effort. The Singibari-Adabari Bridge is being constructed. We have set up Panchanan Barma University. There are 15 colleges under it. Polytechnic college is coming up at Toofanganj. An engineering College is coming up at Horinchowra.

We have set up a Rajbongshi Academy. We have set up clusters for silk and tashar at different blocks of Coochbehar including Sitalkuchi. 50,000 man-days will be created by the Handloom Cluster in Dinhata-Toofanganj. We have cleared 132 primary schools and over 40 Madhyamik schools have been upgraded in Coochbehar district. Model schools are being set up in the area. There will be ITIs in every block and polytechnic colleges in every subdivision.

We have upgraded medical facilities at all sub-division hospitals. We have initiated the process of setting up one government and one private Medical College here. There will be 12 SNCUs in the district out of which 9 are already functioning. One fair price medicine shop is already functional. 17 out of 24 drinking water projects will be complete by May in Coochbehar. We are renovating Coochbehar Palace. It is a tourist attraction. Kisan Mandis are being set up in every block.

National Highways are under Central Govt. We have written multiple times to them to repair the roads. We are setting up a new airport in Coochbehar with a bigger runway. Coochbehar will now be connected to Kolkata, Guwahati, Sikkim via air. We have exempted taxes for air service providers.

As Railway Minister I have given several trains to North Bengal. After me, none of the Railway Ministers have done anything to improve the infrastructure here. We have given Rs 57 lakh scholarships to minority community students. We have fixed the salaries of several self-help group workers. We have given 2.5 lakh cycles to girl students. We have inducted 1.3 lakh civic police, home guards. 26 women`s police station, 19 human rights courts, 80 fast-track courts have been formed.

CPI(M) distributed only 12000 land pattas in 2009-10. We distributed 2 lakh pattas in two and a half years. We have set up 8 universities in two and half years. The Left set up only 2 in 34 years. For 66 years after Independence, Bengal had only 38 colleges. We set up 31 govt. colleges in two and half years. We have initiated reservations for OBCs and minorities. We increased infrastructure for that and did not touch General Category seats.

The Centre has deprived Bengal of funds. If we had the money, we could have done a lot more for the people. The Left incurred debts. We are now paying for their sins. The Centre is depriving Bengal so that the surge of development in the State comes to a halt. We have had to pay Rs 76000 crores to pay off debts incurred by the CPI(M). People will give a fitting reply though ballots to the Centre for the economic deprivation.

Botam tipben ekhane, Delhi te sorkar gorbo okhane.


Botam tipben ekhane, joraphul futbe okhane.


Botam tipben ekhane, Delhir banchanar jobab debo okhane.

Despite the financial crunch, not a single service has been stopped. We have started Nirmal Gram project. We have done better than many states in 100 days work. We have started Geetanjali Housing scheme. 500 marketing hubs are being set up. 5 lakh people will get employment. CPI(M)-BJP-Congress have formed a nexus.

We are the only political party who work for the people. We fight alone but with the head held high. If someone commits a mistake, they should be punished according to law. Certain sections of the media have been sold off. They are hyping any small little incident against me. We will not bow down to any pressure. Some media houses may have huge bank balance, but we have people with us.

We have set up a Mini Secretariat for the people of North Bengal. I have visited North Bengal at least 40-45 times. My predecessor used to come here for vacations. I will not allow Bengal to be divided. The State will be united, despite the conspiracies of some parties.

Teesta has dried up. There is acute drinking water problem. Yet, the Centre was giving away Teesta water. We have decided to recruit 10% PTTI-parateachers during teacher appointment. Coochbehar will emerge as a developed district in every sector.

The arrogance of the Centre has to be broken. They must be taught a lesson through ballots. We are not fighting alone. People are my allies. We do not have money power. We do not have any deals with media. We work honestly for the people. We will not use money power for buying votes. We will struggle for the sake of people. People are our assets. People are our inspiration.

Congress has sold off the nation. They have hiked the prices of everything from fertilizers to fuel. Do not vote for them. BJP may use media power to show a wave, but their divisive and communal agenda will not win. A person with stain of riots on his hands can never become the PM. BJP is acting unconstitutionally to divide Hindus and Muslims.

I thank the several groups and associations who have extended their support to us in the district. I celebrate Durga Puja, Eid, Christmas in the same spirit. We belong to this soil and will continue to serve the people here.  Our work is to transform Bangla into Biswa Bangla.

Botam tipben ekhane, Sarkar gorbo okhane.

Trinamool Congress dicche dak, Joraphul benche thak.

Trinamool Congress dicche dak, sadharan manush benche thak.

Bengal has been deprived the center many a times. On 17th, please press the button for Trinamool Congress.

Ek, diu, tin, char – Forward Block er hobe haar.

Hore Krishna hore hore, Trinamool Congress ghore ghore.