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April 22, 2014

Chit funds flourished in Bengal when Left was in power: Trinamool Chairperson at Jairambati

Chit funds flourished in Bengal when Left was in power: Trinamool Chairperson at Jairambati

Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee began her campaigning for the third phase of polls today. She kicked off her campaign trail from Jairambati under Bishnupur constituency. She attacked the Opposition for their doublespeak on chit funds. She accused the CPI(M) of helping chit funds spread their base in the State and showed proofs of ads from chit fund companies in Left mouthpiece. She reiterated that Trinamool is the only party in Bengal that works for the people.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:

I welcome you all and thank you for being here in such large numbers despite the heat wave. 


I have been travelling across the State for the last one month campaigning for my party. I have been travelling from North to South Bengal. The Opposition only sits in TV studios and criticizes us while I am travelling in spite of the heat. We believe in working on the ground with the people.

I still remember the day in 1998 when CPI(M) slaughtered people in Jairambati. The people of these areas suffered a lot due to the tyranny of CPI(M). People lived in extreme fear earlier. The Left spared no one. The leaders used to live in luxury while people lived in abject poverty. Peace has been restored now in these places.


As Railway Minister, I have started new rail routes in this region. When I left the post of Railway Minister, the Congress stopped the projects initiated by me. We have begun the process of building a road, which will be a substitute of National Highway. The highway project worth Rs 3500 crore will stretch from Bankura to Maldah spanning several districts and will be ready by 2015. We will connect North and South Bengal.


Several people are still missing in Bengal. They are all victims of Left terror. Their bodies have been disposed off. The Left has no shame. How can they criticize us, after what they have done for the last 34 years? The BJP has a section of the media by their side. Paid propaganda will not help them. Even the Congress is connected with them. They tried the trick of paid news during Panchayat polls too. But they failed.


Chit funds were created in Bengal during Left rule. People remember how Sanchayita duped people. Saradha was created when Buddhadeb babu was CM and Ashim Dasgupta was the Finance Minister. Why did the Left mouthpiece publish ads of Saradha? We never needed any such money for Jago Bangla. They are a party of thieves. If I open my mouth, I will expose them all – CPI(M), BJP, Congress. I am being patient. Law is equal for everyone. It cannot be selectively used against some people.

Why did the Left not act against Saradha between 2006 and 2011? We got complaints in 2012 and acted fast. We arrested Sudipta Sen from Kashmir. We arrested our own MP. I reiterate, never keep your savings with Chit Funds. Also, beware of the new gold schemes, be very careful. Those who glorify chit funds should also be punished.


The Central Government has been sitting on the anti chit fund Bill sent by us. Why are they delaying it? Why is the ED so hyper-active just before elections? What is the connection of P Chidambaram with Saradha? Why is it not being probed? The Opposition is carrying out false, malicious campaign against us. We have reimbursed the duped investors of Saradha. It was not our responsibility but we did it in spite of the Centre taking all our money. Those in Government back then who helped chit fund companies spread their base must be punished by law.


Opposition must remember, if you spit at the sky, it falls back on your face. They are so jobless that they are filing false complaints against us. The newly formed camaraderie between CPI(M), Congress and BJP is opportunistic. The Opposition is getting restless because people are living in peace.


We have set up 8 universities in two and a half years. The Left set up only 3 in 34 years. We are setting up 45 colleges. The Left distributed only 12000 land pattas in 2009-10. We distributed 2 lakh pattas in two and half years. We have taken up a scheme to provide a home to every single person of the state through Nijo Bhumi Nijo Griho scheme. The BJP spreads communal tension as soon as the polls approach and Congress has destroyed India in the last 66 years.


Women are the asset of the nation. We have taken many initiatives to empower them. The Kanyashree scheme will give financial assistance to school girls to pursue education. We have distributed 57 lakh scholarships to minority students. We have given due recognition to Urdu language. We have handed over Sister Nivedita`s house in Darjeeling to Ramakrishna Mission. Our dream is to transform Bengal into Biswa Bangla.


For industrialization, we have to first create the infrastructure. It takes time. We inherited a huge debt of Rs 2 lakh crore from the Left. Yet we are working for the people. Despite being financially deprived by the Centre, we have not stopped any services. Bengal secured the first place in 100-days job scheme. Bankura was the best district all over India. In Tamil Nadu, Andhra, the number of man-days created decreased. But we have increased the man-days created.


 I have no family. People are my family. Youth of Bengal are my inspiration. I want to work for them so that the future of the State is secured. I chant Sanskrit shlokas as well as read the Quran. I believe in communal harmony.

The Left filled their party coffers at the expense of the people of Bengal. Do not give them a single vote. The more number of MPs we send from Bengal, the stronger will be our voice at the Centre. Bengal will never bow its head before the Centre. We will not beg for alms. To ensure that Bengal gets back her honour at Centre, vote for Trinamool.

The got-up match between Congress-BJP-CPI(M) should end. Don`t allow these fixed matches to go on.