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April 16, 2014

Opposition campaign is like hot-air balloon, waiting to be burst: Trinamool Chairperson at Kumarganj

Opposition campaign is like hot-air balloon, waiting to be burst: Trinamool Chairperson at Kumarganj

Trinamool Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee began her new leg of campaigning. Over the next 10 days she will be addressing 27 rallies. Today she addressed rallies at various parts of Dakshin Dinajpur district. Speaking at a rally in Kumarganj, the Chairperson asked people to ensure the victory of Trinamool to bring back Bengal`s honour. She slammed the Centre for economically depriving the State. Ms. Banerjee also asked the people to vote against the communal ideology of BJP.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:

Firstly, I would like to thank you for attending the rally despite the heat. Elections in Bengal are always held during the summer season. A lot of time is wasted and development work is hampered due to model code of conduct.

I have come to Kumarganj a number of times in the past. The 16th Lok Sabha elections are very important and crucial. We have started a slew of development projects for Dakshin Dinajpur. From land pattas to ITIs, Kisan Bazar to polytechnic colleges, we have done a lot for this district.

Two colleges, two multi super hospitals, a blood bank have been set up in the district. Two fair price medicine shops have been set up at Balurghat and Gangarampur. We have fulfilled the Sachar Committee recommendations for the upliftment of minority community. We have introduced reservations for minorities and OBCs, without touching the General category seats.

We have introduced Kanyashree scheme to encourage girls to pursue higher education. We have already registered 11 lakh girls under this scheme. Our target is 16 lakh. We have started the Yuvashree scheme. One lakh youth can register their names in the Employment Bank. When they get jobs, another 1 lakh will be registered.

The Left incurred a debt of Rs 2 lakh crore. We are paying the interests for that loan. Centre is taking away all our money. We could have generated more employment opportunities. In spite of the financial crunch, we have recruited 1.3 lakh civic police. We do not want alms from the Centre. If Centre stops taking away our revenue, we can do a lot of work with the money.

CPI(M)-BJP-Congress have a secret understanding to cut our votes. You will never find the BJP in our social or religious function, or at times of need and natural calamities. They are only seen before the elections, asking for votes. Trinamool Congress was part of NDA but never bowed its head before their ideology. We saw how BJP and Congress came together for the creation of Telegana. We are against dividing a State without the Assembly`s permission. Congress and BJP can sell this country.

CPI(M)-Congress-BJP have formed an unholy nexus to destroy Bengal. When we are trying to rebuild Bengal, they are trying to stop the work. Some parties are running multi-million ad campaigns. These are like hot-air balloons. Certain sections of the media have sold themselves to the Congress and BJP.

I was part of the Congress. When their actions went against the ideology of the party, I left Congress. We have protested against price rise, increase in fuel prices, FDI in retail. We follow our ideals. That is why other parties dislike us.

The youth will build the future of India. Politics for me is service. Politics stands for secularism. Politics is for the people. Not for selfish motives. Politics is for common people.

I do not subscribe to the politics of hate, violence, division. I believe in communal harmony. I will work people as long as I live. Every vote counts. You vote can change the destiny of your district as well as India. If you vote for BJP, they will fuel communal tension between people. BJP believes in the politics of rioting. I visit temples as well as mosques, church or gurdwara.

This election is for helping Bengal win her honour back at Centre. Bengal is being economically deprived. A lot of people are jealous of Bengal. This is because the excellence of our people.

We have distributed 2 lakh land pattas. We have given homes to the destitute through Geetanjali scheme. We have distributed 2 lakh land pattas. We have set up 45 colleges in 2 and half year. There has been development in every sector.

Ensure our victory in Balurghat. Do not vote for the Opposition, they will not work for you. Vote for us so that we can demand our dues from the Centre. We have set up a Mini Secretariat for the people of North Bengal. No one has worked for North Bengal as much as we have done.

Some people want to divide Bengal by separating Darjeeling. Bengal will never be divided. Darjeeling is our heart. No one can separate the heart from the body. People of Bengal will never allow separatists to win votes on the plank of a separate state. Ensure the defeat of Congress-CPI(M)-BJP in Balurghat on April 24.

We have given 50% reservation to women in Panchayats in Bengal. We will establish Trinamool Congress as a National party. Bengal will decide the future of Delhi. No Government can be formed at Centre without Trinamool`s support.

Despite Centre`s neglect, we are number one in 100-days job scheme. My Government does not work from Kolkata. We take the Secretariat to the people in the districts.

Stay well, give us our blessings.