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April 5, 2014

Trinamool Chairperson asks people of Ranchi to vote for change

Trinamool Chairperson asks people of Ranchi to vote for change

While campaigning for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections at Ranchi, Trinamool Chairperson asked the people to vote for change at the Centre as well as the State. She maintained that in the last 14 years since the creation of the state, political parties have only exploited the people. Didi said that Jharkhand has immense potential and if given a chance, she was willing to work for the people here.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:

Jharkhand is a beautiful state. When the state was formed along with Uttarkhand and Chhatisgarh, we supported it. We wanted good governance and all-round development of this state. But within 13-14 years of the creation of this state, there have already been nine governments. If there have been so many changes in governments, when did the developmental works take place? There has been no work.


The Assembly elections are going to take place in a few months in this state. We have started our journey with the Lok Sabha elections, but I will come back again and again to strengthen Trinamool Congress here in this state and work with honour. You have seen the Congress, BJP and others. Give us a chance. Let us work here. We want to work with the mandate of the people.


Whatever work we do, we do with honour and honesty. I do not make false promises. In Bengal we have no money yet we give rice at Rs 2/kg to the poor and tribal people of Jangalmhal. We give scholarships to girls so that they can carry on with their studies. Nine lakh girls have already been registered and our target is to extend the scheme to 16 lakh girls by the end of this year. We have increased reservations for tribal and minority community people.


We have set up new schools for tribal people, started schools with Santhali languages as the medium of instruction. We have distributed cycles to two and a half lakh tribal students. We have created Yuvashree and Kanyshree. There is peace in Jangalmahal and the Hills of Darjeeling.


Jharkhand has immense potential. The political parties here just come and go and ask for votes but do not fulfil their promises. Trinamool Congress never does that. We pay attention to common people. If you want to see a new dawn of development, vote for Trinamool Congress. I do not speak of things I cannot do, but whatever promises I make, I always fulfil them. What we want to do here, we will say it through our manifesto.


Congress and BJP have lots of money, we are a small party. They publicize the little they do but keep quiet about what they do not. Trinamool Congress is the party of common people. Congress and BJP came together to create Telangana. They want to sell the country. Prices of Petrol, diesel, fertilizers, LPG have increased, people have been betrayed. But, we have decreased the cost of electricity in Bengal. We have stopped hike in bus fares.


We are your neighbours. Bengal and Jharkhand are friends; we know about your problems. We can share resources for the development of both the states. Eastern India has been neglected and tortured by the Central Government.


Congress has been increasing prices of everything to save its own existence. BJP is the most communal party. Common people hate riots. A chance has come where your mandate can bring about a change. Do not let go of this chance; vote for the change.


I do not fear anything, I like to fight. I will work for common people as long as I live. Do not think that I am from another state as we all belong to the same country. We are working for the people despite paucity of funds. Bengal should be treated as a model state as it excels in a number of fields. We have created Fair Price Medicine Shops, Diagnostic Centres for poor people. We have set up 8 Universities in two and a half years. We provide allowances to folk artistes.


Thank you all for listening to me in this scorching heat. Jai Hind.