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April 7, 2014

Help us win all 42 seats in Bengal: Trinamool Chairperson in Jamalpur

Help us win all 42 seats in Bengal: Trinamool Chairperson in Jamalpur

Trinamool Chairperson today slammed the Left Front for taking Bengal bakcwards and unleashing a reign of terror when they were in power. She also attacked the Centre for refusing to release funds for the State. The Chairperson was speaking at a rally in Jamalpur, where she asked people to vote for Trinamool. Highlighting the development initiatives taken by the Ma, Mati, Manush Government in the last three years, she urged people to make it possible for Trinamool to win 42 out of 42 seats from Bengal.

Excerpts from the Chairperson`s speech:

I thank you all for braving the heat and making it to the rally. The way phases of elections has been decided, it raises questions. In Gujarat it is one phase. In Bengal some districts have 2-phase polls. A lot of malicious campaign is going on. Do not step into the trap of the Opposition. They are running a false campaign.


Prices of petrol, diesel, LPG are being raised, value of human lives has reached an all time low.  Leaders of Congress are refusing to release funds for Bengal. I wish to tell them, we are not beggars asking for alms. CPI(M) had run a reign of murder and terror. We brought peace in the State. We will not allow any disturbance to the law and order situation.


Regional parties are being targeted. Nobody dares to raise voices against Congress or BJP. After today, common people will vote for Trinamool Congress so that it may win 42 out of 42 seats in Bengal. 


Bardhaman district is progressing. We have given away 28 lakh Kisan Credit cards, 2 lakh pattas in two and half years. We have started Kanyashree Scheme for girl students, 11 lakh students have already registered. One lakh youth have enrolled in the employment bank.


Investments are opening up for Bardhaman, many youths will be employed. 5 lakh people will be able to open up shops in the Marketing Hubs being set up in this district.


Trinamool Congress is fighting a war of ethics and honesty. It is fighting to uphold the right policies, to convert Bengal into a global brand – Biswa Bangla. Do not give a single vote to Congress, BJP or CPI(M), they all have an understanding. They want to divide our Bengal. Trinamool Congress is fighting a lone war against them.


I know I am not alone. People are my strength. We are paying off the loans made by the CPI(M) government. There has been no development during the previous regime. We have made reservation for backward classes and minority community students without touching the General category. We can do much more work and we will do it.


From Kisan Mandi to polytechnic colleges and ITIs, Bardhaman is being developed like never before. Farmers are getting proper price for their products now. I urge you to stand united against the conspiracies being hatched up to stop the developmental processes.


Have faith on us. Trinamool will lead the way in Delhi. Give us your blessings, help us win in all the 42 seats. Vote for joraphool.