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April 1, 2014

Trinamool will emerge as the third largest party after LS polls: Didi in Tripura

Trinamool will emerge as the third largest party after LS polls: Didi in Tripura

Trinamool Congress Chairperson Ms. Mamata Banerjee today said that Trinamool would emerge as the third largest party after the Lok Sabha polls. “These things can`t be done in such a short time,” Ms. Banerjee replied when asked what response she was receiving for her plans to extend Trinamool`s reach outside West Bengal. “But now that we have started working on this, within a month I will cover other parts of the country.”

Stating that the Trinamool lacked funds, Ms. Banerjee said, “We have to travel by flights and do not have helicopters. We face a lot of hardships (in campaigning). They have never done any development nor will they do so in future. Trinamool Congress is the only alternative for West Bengal,” she claimed.

Stating that the Trinamool would go it alone in the Lok Sabha polls from West Bengal with the support of Ma, Mati, Manush, she said, “And we will emerge as the third largest party in the country after the elections.” Asked about the possibility of the CPI(M) joining hands with the Congress, the Chairperson said, “We have been saying that the CPI(M), Congress and the BJP are working together. We are not saying this without basis.”

Later in the day she addressed a rally at Shantibazar in Tripura. During her speech, the Chairperson said Tripura had been neglected by the Left Front Government. She added that the state was lagging behind in every sphere as the Left failed to utilise any Central fund. She said that West Bengal progressed a lot after the Left Front was voted out.

Didi added that Tripura can help Trinamool in becoming a national party. She urged people to vote for Trinamool in Lok Sabha elections, if they wanted Poriborton. Saying that Congress-BJP-CPI(M) have a secret understanding, Didi added that Trinamool was the only alternative at the Centre.

Trinamool Chairperson also slammed the Centre for its anti-people policies. She said the Centre has increased prices of every essential commodity – from fuel to fertilisers. She slammed the Tripura Government for failing to curb farmer suicides in the State. She asked people not to vote for Congress and added that the communal BJP was not an alternative to the Congress.